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Parent of a 7 year old Written byLtTawnyMadison December 10, 2015

CS review is WAY off!

I was shocked to see CS' (and a few parents') take on this movie. The movie does not glorify materialism, it LAMPOONS it. The movie completely makes fun of the consumerism of the holiday season and exposes it for what it is: ridiculous and crazy. The scene where there's one toy left and the parents are clawing at each other for it is a prime example. The message is clear (to me, anyway) that this is what Christmas should NOT be about. Arnold's character realizes that too, when he breaks into his neighbor's house to steal the toy, and then says (in essence), "What am I DOING?? This is totally wrong!" And at the end it's not about his kid getting a toy, it's about his kid getting a father who has realized he needs to be more involved in his life. In fact, his son gave his Turbo Man doll away at the end. The movie is hilarious in its mocking of our toy-focused Christmases. This has been my favorite Christmas movie for years (along with It's a Wonderful Life), and I fully plan to let my daughter watch it this year; I think she will find it funny too.
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Adult Written bytommysportsgirl April 9, 2008
Parent Written byDeannafoxworth November 27, 2015

Fun, loud, lots of action

Be aware there is more language than advertised. Fun movie points out the value of family over stuff.
Parent of a 17 year old Written byClyde A. November 25, 2016

Critics aren't always right

Teens and older children aren't stupid and they are as aware of the commercialization of the holiday season as adults are. They know all about parents that are too busy for them and those who attempt to make amends by buying them something. And they are starting to be aware of what a good story is and isn't and the difference between good and bad acting. This is a great movie to watch with older children and a good takeoff point for discussing these issues in a meaningful way. This movie has a powerful message about Christmas and consumerism and it's unrealistic plot and story obscure how true to life the story really is. How many of us overdo things during this time of year? Bad acting? How does one know the difference if they only watch movies "approved" by the appropriate authorities? Good messages? Bad messages? A child would have to be brain dead if he could watch this film and have no opinions or anything to say. No, this isn't Miracle of 34th Street but older children have seen Rudolph and Frosty about a thousand times by this time in their lives and they are ready for something a little less syrupy. I think some of the themes and messages are not appropriate for younger children but older children can appreciate and benefit from this critically panned Christmas classic.
Parent of a 4 year old Written byOldManStauf October 19, 2011

Classic Christmas movie not to be overlooked.

Great Christmas movie and truly a classic. It is peppered with a few mild curse words such as d***, hell and a**, but it's not often, but certainly not what I want my son saying so I generally watch it with them, rather than let them watch alone. Other than that, the mild sexual content is way to far over the younger audiences head to be a concern.
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Too much swearing