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Uneven but amusing WWII satire has violence, hate speech.
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Parent of a 14-year-old Written byLisNZ November 4, 2019

A film with a bit of everything

I think it would be helpful if children going to this film understood a bit about WW2 and the holocaust before seeing the film. The film is about the events at the end of the war seen through the eyes of a 10 year old. The adults in the film are almost caricatures, except for Jojos mother who is very human and likable. There are a lot of funny parts in the film but also sad bits. I think if children see the film they will be reminded that they can think for themselves and don't have to go along with everyone else if they think something is wrong. The part of Hitler is mostly pretty funny but that too changes as Jojo matures/wises up and sees Hitler for what he was. It's a film with a lot of depth and I can see why it has polarised reviewers.

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Parent of a 11 and 11-year-old Written byKapuku November 2, 2019

Amazing. Funny, poignant

This movie left us speechless. It starts out funny and irreverent, which you would think may clash with the Nazi setting but is handled very skillfully. The final third of the film is a sucker punch to the gut. Things get heavy fast. Our twin 11 yr olds didn't pick up on the main twist and didn't understand who I ended up teary eyed at the end, but we all agreed it was great. There's plenty for kids to enjoy and discuss and adults will be bowled over.

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Written byAnonymous February 28, 2020

3 Stars, Commonsense? Are you crazy?

This film is highly educational while at the same time an exploration of the range of emotions--from sadness to moments of burst out laughing humour. In fact the humour is constant and hilarious.

This is a brilliant film--an almost perfect piece of finely crafted art. Its brilliance rests in the idea that "fanaticism" and "xenophobia" is explored through the perspective of those who are trained and indoctrinated to become fanatics and xenophobes. Nazism is used to explore this phenomenon, but this is not necessarily a film about Nazis, but more so a thoughtful reminder that fanaticism and xenophobia are bred in the naive and ignorant. In view of the rise of the right and extreme conservatism (think "The Wall"; think "Muslim Ban"; think of the constant stream of 'hate tweets' from your very own President).

This should be watched by any thoughtful 10 year old who is able to maybe have a thoughtful discussion post-film with thoughtful parents.

I'm sorry, Commonsense, but maybe watch this film again. Perhaps you didn't see the satire. Or perhaps you are just so used to see America come to the rescue and be the heroes against the evil Germans, Iranians, Mexicans, Muslims, etc. Hmmm. Careful, as the evil sometimes may be surging in your own reflection: this film craftily warns us to stop these trends before they become harmful. We certainly have learned enough from the past that we don't need to repeat it again.

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Adult Written byMondaymonday November 11, 2019

I loved this movie.

I absolutely loved this movie. It was funny and moving and interesting. I’m Jewish and my grandparents were Holocaust survivors, and I did not feel that this movie made fun of the holocaust (as another reviewer suggested). Because the subject matter was so close to home, I felt the movie was a little too heavy for my (sensitive) 11 year old. With the exception of 2 scenes, it would have been fine. I think this movie would be ok for most kids over 11 or 12 who have knowledge of the history and a good sense of humor.

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written bySammyLederer October 29, 2019

I’m Jewish and I loved this movie

Many people seemed to be concerned about the lighthearted approach to a holocaust movie. It’s been a 70 years since the holocaust happened and with the passage of time it becomes harder to relate to the pain and sadness you hear about. This unfortunately leads to feelings of indifference about something we should really take notice of. This movie was enjoyable to watch and provided an informative glance into what things may have been like (although obviously portrayed somewhat inaccurately, I don’t think anything was made light of.) I was touched and inspired by this film and I suggest that anyone who has the ability should go and see it. Hope to see more like it in the future.

Discuss with your children what it would have been like to be a Jew in those times. Make sure your child is aware that antisemitism is real and growing at a rapid pace and every voice for equality makes a difference. Enjoy the movie!

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Adult Written byCTMom513 May 22, 2020

Touching and Heartwarming.

This was the best movie I saw in 2019. It somehow manages to walk the fine line between satire, comedy and respectful drama about the persecution of Jews during WW2, in a way that left me astounded and deeply moved (while laughing out loud many, many times). As the granddaughter of German Jews who fled Nazi Germany, I know firsthand the conflicting feelings Germans - both Jewish and otherwise - had in terms of maintaining a sense of love for their homeland, while struggling with growing horror and disgust at the cruelty and insanity of the Nazis... a conflict beautifully embodied by the characters played by Scarlett Johansson and Sam Rockwell. And JoJo himself is a character you just want to hug and treasure, as he slowly matures and becomes aware of the truth and injustice of what is happening around him... and responds accordingly. I can't wait until it is streaming to show it to my 12-year old son... But I think any child who watches it needs to have a good feeling for what satire involves, and understand that we're not laughing WITH the imaginary Hitler character and other Nazis, but laughing AT them and the absurdity and hypocrisy of the hate and violence they espouse. If that's a concept they can grasp, this will be an enjoyable, funny, heartwarming/heartbreaking, educational movie experience.

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Adult Written byBaruch November 4, 2019

Hitler is mocked to death

What a great movie. However, this is not a movie for young children. On the surface this movie is about a little German boy during WWII whose fantasy friend is Adolph Hitler. But way down beneath the surface this is a movie that ridicules Hitler to death. I’m Jewish. Orthodox Jews believe that purposely embarrassing someone is akin to killing them. Jo Jo Rabbit unrelenting mocks Hitler, his Storm Troopers, and the Gestapo until they are ground to dust. Young children won’t understand this at all. A lot of adults (including the professional reviewers) won’t either. Go see Jo Jo Rabbit with your adult children if you have any, but leave the young kids at home.
Adult Written bymegan s. February 26, 2020

be careful

The movie it self was amazing hilarious and fun but, also very scary
Violence: in the beginning Jojo grabs a grenade from someone and gets caught in the blast, children do hold guns, cannons grenades, etc... I think that was kind of not so bad because I explained to my daughter that it wasn't historically correct there is of course a final battle scene where what I just mentioned the children carrying weapons takes place it's your typical villian vs. hero battle of course hero won but, there is an obviously an off screen killing of the Germans by the Americans by the sound of gun shots I think average violence wasn't so bad if you let your kids watch superhero movies
Sex: there actually isn't as much as sex as I thought there would be Jojo obviously has a crush on Elsa and one boy says to Jojo that "Russians have sex with dogs and eat babies" but its not dwelled on the boy only was making conversation
Drinking: the mom Rosie drinks wine at dinner all the time but never actually gets drunk and the sam rockwell guy drinks from a flask every now and then and gets a drop drunk but he turns out to be a hero in the end.
if you let your kids watch superhero
movies this should be okay.
Adult Written bydracoprinz September 13, 2020

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Violence & scariness
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written bykurokonobasketball August 2, 2020

Great movie for children and adults to watch alike ;)

A great movie about how children in Nazi Germany thought, also including the view of a Jewish girl. This movie gives us the perspective of how many people would've lived.

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written bykerri.lawson August 2, 2020

A Must-See!

A cleverly written movie with great messages, love Watiti's work and this one is his best yet! My ten year old and my 12 year old both loved it.

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Adult Written byCloudsHill May 24, 2020

Satire with a little comedy.

This movie has had mixed reviews but the entire family thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It was thought provoking. Children who don’t know much about WW2 should perhaps be given some reading material beforehand. Some of the issues raised could also be discussed afterwards.

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Adult Written byPhethers May 5, 2020

Funny and endearing

I really enjoyed this. It's important that kids have a sense of satire (and a little bit of contextual history) to get the most out of this film.
Adult Written byJoshTheKnightOfNi April 29, 2020

Funniest movie ever!

Really funny and just a great movie

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Adult Written byBhaskar Maity April 24, 2020

A must watch Masterpiece

My favorite movie of 2019 hands down. I haven't had such an astonishing and surprisingly enjoyable movie experience since I watched this movie I knew little about by the name of Whiplash. I downloaded this movie knowing absolutely 0 about Jojo Rabbit. I cheered in my head when I saw that Sam Rockwell and Scarlet Johannsen would grace the screen and the two Oscar-worthy actors did not disappoint.
Taika Waititi is one of my favorite director.

I actually fell in love with it.
To me, Jojo Rabbit is one of the best films ever made!
Adult Written byAtlAmy April 9, 2020
Adult Written bycats cats April 3, 2020
Jojo Rabbit is a hilarious satire about a ten year old Nazi boy as he grows up under a Nazi roof with his mother. Things go sideways when he finds a mysterious Jewish girl that his mother has kept a secret from him.
This movie is very funny and sad at times. It shows Jojo’s life in detail with comedic bits and tragic bits.
On the violence side this is a WWll movie so expect some violence with dead and bloody soldiers. Some characters we know die. Hanging in courtyard.
There is some language such as s### and a##hole, one instance of f###.
In conclusion I recommend this movie to anyone 10+
Parent of a 12-year-old Written byLanaturner April 2, 2020
Adult Written bySprinkles and S... March 29, 2020

Super good, just not for younger kids

I don’t have any kids but I like to check this website for myself. One thing I check for is LGPTQ stuff, so if you are against that, here’s what you need to know: all I saw was two men who acted a little gay and make you question in one scene, but they never say anything about it or hold hands or anything.
Next thing is sexy stuff, but there really isn’t any in this movie. Jojo talks for a couple seconds about how he thinks that Jews cut off their penises. On this website I read that another character says that Russians have sex with dogs, but because of his accent I didn’t hear it.
Language: there is a lot. This includes a lot of the S word and I think the B word... pretty much all of the swear words I think. The F word was only once, but my sister said it was a “well-placed F word.”
Violence: it is a movie about WWII. So there is going to be violence. I didn’t find it too bad though, unless you count how many times mother and son make fun of each other, as well as Jojo and another character, which isn’t physical violence. There is only one actual battle scene.
This movie is so good. Jojo is training to be a Nazi, so it does talk a lot of crap about Jews that isn’t even real because it is propaganda from the German government to make people hate Jews. So he comes across a moral dilemma when he meets one. His mom, aside from making fun of him, is a good role model.
I don’t really know what else to say, so I’ll just leave it here.

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Adult Written byMoneydog23 March 28, 2020