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Journey to the Center of the Earth (1989)

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age 8+

This is for young Kids maybe preteens.

The plot, at first look good, outside the nanny! what was the point of her in the movie. She could of just taken the place of the kid sister, and made it a FAMILY adventure. Then you have the bad low budget set and effects. The fact the big brother and sister get rescued. But then the mid brother and British nanny get to the center of the earth. Which by the way too them maybe less than a day to get there, is absurd. With hardly a interesting thing along the way. Also when they are camping, how did they get wood for a fire, and also set the fire, in a wet cave full of rocks. No one notices that his comic books are now all over, like they just ignore the fact, someone put his comics everywhere while they were sleeping. The dream sequence even confused my daughter who is 9. Then when the get to ATLANTIS, you think its going to be this beautiful mystery place. And it turns into what looks like a dystopic world after a massive collapse of society. It absolutely makes no sense. Then the ending...the ending was the worst, made no sense. Apparently all you need to take down a government is a old boom box with AC/DC playing. Then white screen and everything is awesome. There are many more 80s movies worth your time.. FLIGHT OF THE NAVIGATOR, THE GOONIES, EARTH GIRLS ARE EASY, the one where the kids make a UFO and visit aliens, the one where cidy lauper and that dude are physics, WEIRD SCIENCE, WARGAME, CONAN all of them, even the newer conan which is absolute trash. 16 CANDELS, even the boring yet story driven BREAKFAST CLUB, RUDY, these are all far better movies to watch then this crud.
age 8+

Stuning film is amazing!

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