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Action-heavy sci-fi tale has uninspiring hero.
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Parent of a 7, 13, and 16-year-old Written bybethany.y July 20, 2019

This movie is for older teens...

VIOLENCE/HORROR: This movie is filled with intense violence such as: stabbing, fighting/punching, and sci-fi terror.

SEX/NUDITY: In one brief scene, a woman seductively winks and giggles at a man, to which they later have sex together. In the scene, they take each other’s shirts off revealing her bra and his chest. Then it shows them intensely kissing on bed then rolling off of it, and cuts the scene before it gets more mature. They are later seen in the movie holding hands and flirting/kissing.

LANGUAGE/PROFANITY: At least 2 uses of “f—k”, and a couple of uses of “s—t”, “d—k”, “hell” and “damn”.

DRINKING/DRUGS: There is mild references to wine and shows of some characters smoking.

MESSAGE/EDUCATION: This movie slightly represents team work and great attitude of defeating enemy’s.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Adult Written byJulieC 6 April 12, 2016

Too much violence and swearing!

I think parents who are considering this movie need to know that there is a scene where a jumper is stabbed violently by the Paladin who has caught him. Not great! :(

Also, there is a lot of swearing peppered throughout the movie. Definitely for kids 13 years plus.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Parent Written byconcernedpop August 25, 2014

morally repulsive, but fun sci-fi film - for the oldest teenagers.

this is yet another film where every character has strong negative traits. The jumpers are thieves and murderers and have absolutely no remorse or guilt over their crimes. The people who are after them (palladins) are like religious zealots who actually slaughter these kids in the most gruesome way.

The film wants us to root for the 'nice' jumper, but he is just as bad as everyone else. He just steals instead of robbing and killing. Worse, he keeps saying "I didn't hurt anyone" (that is his mantra to justify his luxurious life style), as if robbing people isn't hurting anyone.

Worse, he seduces (both sexually and morally) his nice girlfriend to leave her good life and accept his life of crime.

And they get away with it.. and we are supposed to applaud this?

If you see this with anyone under the age of 17, I highly suggest having a very serious conversation with them on the lessons this film is sending.

I did this with my child, and am glad I did.

It is way too easy to walk away from this film thinking 1) robbing people is fun, 2) there is nothing wrong with it, 3) it doesn't hurt anybody, and 4) is what any 15 year old would do if they could get away with it! (yes, this is actually said in the film!)

yet, the film itself was a blast. great special effects, good acting.

just be warned.
Adult Written by4Spice July 28, 2010

very good

watch this movie lots of action 12 and over for sex

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Adult Written byDr.Q November 19, 2009
Is a good movie. The plot was well made. The actors were good. Jumping to other area in the planet was a thing to see.
Parent Written byfif May 5, 2009
A simple story with a simple plot. I never really cared about any of the characters except Millie. I thought the special effects were pretty cool. Mild PG-13 with some language and role model issues (actions w/o real consequences).
Adult Written bysilakkalaatikko March 22, 2009

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written byDark Jedi April 9, 2008


After reading the main CS review on this site, I thought this movie would be OK for the older kids after a "fast forward" preview. I was alomost right. I was not prepared for the amount of profanity, especially the number of "Jesus Christs" and the f-bomb. The CS review makes no mention of them.
Adult Written byPandy831 April 9, 2008

Movie is a time killer!

Watch it if it's free and you are bored.
Adult Written byJmisss April 9, 2008


There was some stuff that was inapropiet like a girl got in her bra while kissing her boyfriend and the f word was said in one scene
Adult Written byspongebobrocks22 April 9, 2008

another great movie trashed by critics

a good action packed movie thats trashed by critics.yes this movie has a stupid video game but the movie was great
Adult Written byBasye April 9, 2008

Again with the "F" word!

Since when is it okay to use this word in a PG-13 movie and why is it necessary. The "love scene" was tasteful and more appropriate in terms of rating. Most adults have had sex so why do we need to see it on the big screen?
Adult Written byjimsluyter April 9, 2008
Adult Written bybrino April 9, 2008


My husband and I were so frustrated with this movie. We were excited for the unique story line, excited by the beginning of the movie, but slowly disgusted with the language carelessly thrown in there. There were no need for the repeated "Jesus Christ"s, the f-bomb and flicking people off. We were very offended and walked out. Where can we find a good action flick that doesn't swear up a storm?
Adult Written bydollface101 April 9, 2008

a fun movie for some good escape entertainment

My significant other and I decided to go and see this instead of Fool's Gold and were glad we did..enjoyed it..laughed..and as I said..just good escape entertainment fare, and since we are pretty much against growing up we figure it was 'fit' for us to see..and any 'other' kids we know over 13..a bit of a message..kinda 'crime doesn't pay..if you rob the bank..SOMETHING will eventually happen to burst your bubble..we had fun and are not embarrassed to say so.
Adult Written bywkelley45 April 9, 2008

The movie was pretty awesome not the best but real good

Me & my son went and love the
movie. We didn't know if we really want to see it so we said why not. Man I tell you
if life was really like that
everything would so simple.
Adult Written byGradyc April 9, 2008

Great Movie!

Some INtense Sci-fi Action but Man I just loved a a must see movie!
Adult Written byrickydoo85 April 9, 2008


This movie was disappointing. When I saw the trailer about a year ago, I thought this could be a new sci-fi classic. It wasn't. The camera was just as shaky as cloverfield, and they really over-did the jumping scenes. On the up side, Samuel L Jackson was a great pick for his character. So, was Jamie Bell who played the second jumper. I was also disappointed in Hayden Christensen. I am a huge Star Wars geek, but Hayden didn't really match the quality of his character David Rice. 2/5.
Adult Written byYldnole April 9, 2008


Surprised at how BORING this movie was. Took my 13 year old who couldn't wait to see this and even he said..slow! Real disapointment.
Adult Written bykam24 April 9, 2008

So What Have We Learned Here?

Absolutely nothing! The storyline of Jumper is almost non-existent. The main character has no development, good or bad throughout the movie. He steals continuously, and barely shows even a moments remorse for his actions. The special effects are incredible, and thrilling to watch, but they really don't make up for a genuine lack of plot in this sci-fi tale. Don't waste yours or your child's time with this one.