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age 16+

An indie that's a little misguided!

I want to love "Junebug," because as someone who lives in one of these middle-class, quiet, southern towns with people I can relate to, this movie just loses sight of its own direction sometimes. Why do we care about the fact one of Madeleine's clients wants a fruit basket to secure an art deal? It goes aimless at points! I'll tell you when this film does shine though: when Amy Adams is onscreen. She truly is a joy to watch, her character is naive, but as sweet as can be, and you just want to give her a hug after you see the neglect her husband gives her. She also provides the movie its biggest laughs, which are frequent in the first half. We may not get to see a ton of character development from everyone here, but it's worth it if not just to see Adams shine onscreen.

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Got me thinking...

This is a good movie to watch with a maturing teen to talk about values, relationships and how we all come together at times. The movie does creep up on you and there's a watershed moment that keeps the discussion going after the movie is over. While it is rather slow moving - which makes yet another point - it makes it's point.