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Parent reviews for Jurassic School

Common Sense says

Dreadful low-budget fantasy is hard to watch.
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Parents say

age 7+
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age 9+
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Parent Written byBrad G. March 19, 2018

Don't be so judgemental

This movie all though low budget is good for what it is. Maybe people shouldn't always expose their younger kids to extremely high tech high budget movies all the time. For a time waster after school before dinner my 7 year old set and watch the whole movie which rarely happens. Yes no big explosions or guns shooting or anything like that, which now days is a good thing! Also though no bad language at all, no crude or rude jokes, no kids doing stupid things that kids watching will try to do. Another thing is no product placement to push stuff on kids! They didn't refer to any evolution or millions of years for dinosaurs. It encourages kids to be interested in science. I love the movie. Would recommend it to anyone with kids up to age 8 or 9. Will probably watch it again in near future.

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Adult Written byDavid F. April 28, 2018

Amazing. Perfection

My friends and I watched this at 4:00 am. Perfect for any occasion. I loved how realistic it was and how well made it was. I was amazed how well they made Spike look. Acting was amazing and brought tears to my eyes. 10/10

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Parent of a 5 year old Written byTyler K. February 4, 2018

Their Budget Must’ve Been Lost in the Mail

We chose this film on a whim as we only had an hour or so before bedtime. Dinosaurs? Certainly! Science? Fantastic! We were prepared to be (relatively) wowed. What we we’re not prepared for was the lack of special effects budget and mediocre acting that was part and parcel to Jurassic School. Our four year old was unrelenting in his questions as to “why don’t the dinosaurs eyes or mouth” weren’t moving” on any closeup shot. My wife and I stayed awake by pointing all the continuity errors throughout (from one shot to the next a new haircut would appear, or a sweatshirt would be on/off). I’m not here to be critical of anyone for trying, especially the young talent in the film, but how something like this was actually produced and released blows my mind. If your kids are used to high budget flicks, this may not be for them. If they are relatively perceptive throughout the duration of a film and it’s details, this may not be for them. If as a family you want to be entertained by the film and not it’s grievous errors, this will it be for you.

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Parent Written byThefink68 December 8, 2017

Pretty low budget

My 10 year old is used to watching block buster movies with realistic special effects, fast paced editing and directing. He remarked about how bad the editing was. Haha. My 7year old thought it was ok. At the end, while the dinosaur is supposedly dying, the child actors are acting like they are sad and crying but my kids thought the actors were smiling, pretty bad overall. Dino Dan was what we wanted to watch.
Parent of a 14 year old Written byEdward E. December 26, 2017

As bad as it gets

I cannot put anyone down for working to produce something but you are supposed to learn from your failures not release them.
Parent Written byTai I. February 11, 2018

Waste of Dino time

I wanted a movie that my boys could watch without worrying about inappropriate language,etc. What we received was a movie depicting adults as either morally corrupt, parents that care more for a plant than their children, etc. etc..... What a waste of time.
Parent of a 6 year old Written byMomto4dogs October 13, 2018

Good for dino fans

This movie is reminiscent of Dino Dan on Amazon. A good movie for young kids who are dinosaur fans. My 6 year old liked it. There is nothing to be concerned about- you can feel good about turning it on and making dinner without a second thought. I liked the introduction to DNA ( although very scant) to my young child. Overall a decent movie.

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Adult Written byChaB July 28, 2018

Super-Cute! Requires use of creative imagination w/o help of special effects. Low budget old-school film. :)

Great movie! My 6-year old daughter loves it! Low tech=fabulous! From my 6-year old: The movie helps kids "want to do experiments, learn about dinosaurs, and also learn about friendship."
Adult Written byRedSoxClover March 29, 2019

Rivals Jurassic Park!!

This movie was top notch. Jurassic Park has nothing on this . The special effects were mind blowing. It felt like I was really seeing a dinosaur . The acting was also amazing. Makes you wonder how some actors make millions when these people aren’t well known and outperformed the best. The budget on this must have been in the millions for sure. I can’t wait for the sequel!! Edge of the seat action.

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written byComprehensive_Yam March 2, 2019

Campy but cute, promotes science, and my 3 year old has watched it a million times

I'm surprised at these reviews. Sure, its campy, a la disney made for tv movie meets sci fi channel original series, but I guess I like campy things. The movie makes science and being smart look cool and is perfect for my dinosaur lover. Really nothing bad to say about it, nothing problematic for once, just don't expect it to be something it's not

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Adult Written byMarkuss August 25, 2018


Am I the only one who thinks the Dino head/neck is phallic. Not acceptable. Now way no one saw that it's too obvious Has veins as well!!!!!!
Adult Written byjuniq August 9, 2018

super unrealistic bad movie!

don't watch. just don't watch this. 1: the cover photo has nothing to do with the movie this scene does not exist. 2: you can see super bad CGI quality everwhere. 3: the actors are extreme bad like they never where in a movie before. 4: the voices of the kids sound like voices from a grown up man. very bad. it looks like a group of ten y/o childs made this plastic puppet. the boy sounds like a 30y/o man, the girl like a 30y/o woman. I can't believe I watched this shit til the end. the story itself is really GOOD! but the movies is just bullshit ^^ really.
Adult Written byTaylor R. May 11, 2018

Very good :)

Would love to watch a second movie! It was made in 2017 so maybe later this year 2018 it will happen also love dinosaurs! We need to start sharing this movie get it more high ratings :)

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