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Reboot is fun but scarier, more violent than the original.
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Parent Written bynic_marie June 12, 2015

Fun and entertaining

I have 8- and 11-year old kids, and they had no problem with the violence. They knew what it was probably going to be like, from watching the original movie and all the new previews. We were very entertained and afterwards talked about our favorite dinosaurs and parts of the movie. A well-done movie in my opinion!
Adult Written byThe dinosaurfan June 11, 2015

The movie

I thought this movie had fun thrills and non-stop action. It is fine for kids 7 and up. Great film and okay as long as there is a parent watching with you.

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Adult Written byjustink2 June 14, 2015

Really horrible

So this movie was really bad, I couldn't stop laughing the whole time because it was so terrible. It takes the same premise as the first Jurassic Park, a theme park where something goes wrong, basically the same characters, still running from raptors..., and with a predictable plot, boring characters, wooden acting, horrible dialogue, and just all around awful plot holes, is only enjoyable because it's so bad.
Parent of a 12 and 14-year-old Written bybeth n. June 13, 2015

PG-13 rating is on target

Movie was ok and entertaining for 2 hours. Went fairly fast and I am one who gets bored easily with slower movies - I did not get bored. Not quite as good as the first one, but then sequels rarely live up to the standard set by the first blockbuster of a series. Parts are predictable, but that's what you are expecting when you go to a movie like this - dinosaurs on the loose snatching and eating people. My 14 yo was fine with it (and counted 21 people "eaten" in total). Many more were injured. My 12 yo son admitted to getting a bit scared, and was afraid he may have nightmares about it tonight when he went to sleep, so I advise caution if you have a child who can get scared easily. We had 3 other 12 & 13 yo's with us and they seemed mostly fine, so that's why I say 13 is about the right age to see it and be able to handle the violence. I would not take a 10 yr old. Why expose them to this level of violence if you don't have to - find a more appropriate movie. They will get plenty of it later when they are prepared for it.
Written byAnonymous June 12, 2015

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Parent of a 10-year-old Written byUCLA MOM June 20, 2015

Son ENJOYED the movie immensely! Hubby, not so much

While I didn't see the movie with my family, I did get an enthusiastic review from my son and a moderate review from my husband upon their return. Our 10 year old did not think it was scary and loved the digital effects. Hubby though it was predictable but entertaining from a visual aspect.
Adult Written byrharris001 June 18, 2015

I Don't Understand The Hype

What makes for a great and memorable movie is that one would want to see it again and again. I would not want to see this movie again. It was OK but not great! Not even good, but fair. It appears to me that the media outlets who hype and promote movies before they hit the box office stand to benefit and get a piece of the action.

Many of the scenes were predicable and repetition of the previous Jurassic Park movies.

I did not see what the hype is all about.
Parent of a 10-year-old Written byrhondaa1 June 13, 2015

Ok movie. A bit scary

The plot is the same as the others. Dinosaurs out of control. Ingen just never learns its lesson. This movie is more focused on the people (very weak characters) with the dinosaurs thrown in. If you have a Dino lover, the movie is enjoyable enough. If you expect the plot to make sense, well, logic will get in the way.

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Adult Written byChris_Feher April 13, 2020

A Good Continuation of the Originals

It obviously doesn't have the same charm as Jurassic Parks 1-3, but it's still got the nostalgia to keep theatergoers happy. And really, that's all I ever asked for. Jurassic World is entertaining, with much better special effects than the first couple movies(obviously), and is suitable for tweens or even younger kids as long as a parent is present. The cast I feel was well picked, and the story writing is good as well. Overall, I would recommend it to anyone who loves the originals, or loves a good dino movie. Just make sure, if watching with kids, that they are well prepared for the constant tension of a movie involving dinosaurs.

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Adult Written byjulianna92 October 4, 2019

Entertaining but not breathtaking

The scientists of Jurassic World create a hybrid dinosaur (a sort of mega-predator) and things go wrong. The film is fine and fun but one side plot evolving the raptors is silly and the villain is kind of idiotic. The new characters are a bit obnoxious, especially the older kid (Nick Robinson). But, unlike Jurassic Park III, it deals with parents getting divorced in a more realist way. The violence is your regular Jurassic Park experience with people being hunted and eaten by dinosaurs. What makes this film interesting it’s the fact the park is already open and running (unlike the previous ones), so the audience gets to see what it would be like (the attractions, the running of a park, etc). There is no sexual content (two characters only share a romantic kiss once) but there is lots of product placement in this film. There is some strong language but it’s not over the top.

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Parent of a 11 and 11-year-old Written byMarni D. December 14, 2018
This was the first Jurassic movie I've watched and it was really good. Being someone who can be scared easily, I wasn't scared at all, if anything it made me feel bad for the dinosaurs that went extinct, as much as i loved this movie, it did say [email protected]#$h and a$$, also if you don't like seeing people being ripped to shreds I don't recommend it. Overall, an excellent distraction from cleaning my messy room :)

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Violence & scariness
Parent of a 4, 5, and 9-year-old Written byDebi W. December 5, 2018

Depends on your kid

It all depends on your kids really. My 4 year old daughter loves Jurassic World and has no fear at all of movies. She has a great grip on reality and fantasy. My 9 year old son is obsessed with Jurassic anything. My 5 year son finds it scary and wants us to sit beside him at first, but still enjoys it and asks to watch it. Its more intense then Jurassic Park but less violent. My 5 year prefers the new ones over the old ones as he hates the part with the arm in Jurassic Park and finds that the most disturbing thing and has not asked to watch Jurassic Park again since seeing the arm part. There is little to no swearing, there is no sex scenes, just dinosaurs causing chaos.
Parent of a 5-year-old Written byBRoss415 July 11, 2018

My 5 Year Old LOVES

I think this movie is less violent and graphic than the first Jurassic Park. They show people getting eaten but in one big bite rather then ripping them from limb to limb. The gun violence is to take down the bad dino. And the actors work together with other dogs and to save the day. Loved it.

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Adult Written byceirwyn w. July 31, 2019
Jurassic World is a scary and adventurous .
This movie is rated P.G.

Zack is a silly person who is always his phone his brother is creative and loves dinosaurs . Caron sister is the kids mum but Caron is naughty because she calls the kids mum and lies she says she is looking after the kids but she is not. Caron works with the dinosaurs. The movie is set in a forest.

The problem is the dinosaurs keep on killing people and each other the mother dinosaur is the worst because she is killing her babies.

I loved it in my opinion because it is adventurous it is for 6 and up. I give this movie 5/5.

By Piper Year 4
Parent of a 7, 13, and 16-year-old Written byFernando V. July 27, 2017


Jurassic World is a perfect example of what a reboot should be. There's a lot more violence, in this installment compare to the other installments. The I-REX may seem scary to kids under the age of 13. There's is blood and you hear dinos eating people. Like the other installments. But the sound is more clear in Jurassic World. There is a couple of sexual references about mating. Not bad at all. I will give Jurassic World ***** stars

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Adult Written byEpicReviews August 31, 2020
Adult Written byKmbeem June 13, 2020

Ok, but felt like it was rushed

It was a really good reboot of the older Jurassic parks with even better special effects but the movie went very fast and even if they arranged the movie different it could of easily been a 2hr movie
Adult Written bymegapicturez May 20, 2020


it's no reboot, it takes place after the events of jurrasic park. It's actually pretty good. I got it on blueray and got the definititive copy. it's a very good action/horror like film. and mix's comedy into it making it super enjoyable.
Parent of a 10-year-old Written byNicholas H. March 14, 2020

Exciting, suspenseful follow-up to a classic

This reboot is not as well crafted as the original, but it is a very entertaining movie. The action is fast and while predictable, it still manages to surprise, frequently. That said, I failed to attached to some of the main characters and there are some hokey premises that are only just plausible enough to keep you engaged, but are not given the depth you'd hope for. In other words, if you don't think too hard it will be a fun ride...

The movie does a great job building suspense in predictable ways, but somehow still gets you to jump. Our 10 ½ year old loved it. It stretched him a bit on the scare factor side however, something to keep in mind for more sensitive kids.

As some have noted, it is violent, but my memories of the violence in first one, Jurassic Park, were much more impactful and fear inducing...Spielberg's gift as a director and the stronger character development of the original meant we were more invested in the outcome of the action than we were in this iteration.

There was some over-the-top consumerism (everyone drives a shiny new Mercedes) that did not feel at all well integrated and was a little unrealistic. Not terribly unusual these days, but particularly ham-fisted in this movie.

It's not a very strong movie in terms of role models. The lead woman is portrayed as a cautionary tale about being blinded by corporate ambition, the scientists are portrayed as amoral megalomaniacs, and the safety/security team as dumb, evil, arms dealing opportunists. The teenager is portrayed as self absorbed, rebellious and generally uncaring of this younger, emotionally troubled, brother. The only role model one might try to cling to is Chris Pratt's character...but that is also underdeveloped. This is not a movie about positive lessons, it is more a thrill ride.

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Parent of a 18+-year-old Written byNhilborey July 10, 2019

Too Much consumerism

How can i escape to it?

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