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age 15+

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age 13+

Out of touch and shallow jokes

The 2 main actors of the movie frankly are pretty terrible people, no one to look up to. Both have unreasonable expectations of marriage and what it means to be a partner to someone, which is presented in the movie through various sexist and quite passé modes of thinking (Ashton asks Britney Murphy to name everyone she has slept with, American-centric thinking being "correct" and European countries being "backward") The comedy isn't out there enough to be absurd, therefore comes off as offensive and paints the 2 characters as very flat shallow people, almost childlike.
age 9+


Fine, boring start but it begins to get good when they go on the honeymoon.
age 18+

Not for kids or young teens.Its for tweens ands grown ups.

I'm 23 so I can watch this.This movie is REALLY funny! I recomend it for tweens ands grown ups.
not rated for age

It was a great funny movie

I thought that this movie was very funny and entertaining. Maybe not for anyone younger than 13 but for its rating of pg-13 it was great. Plus Ashton Kutcher is really hot!
not rated for age

Disappointments Anonymous

Well it wasn't nearly as good as "That 70's Show" or "Dude, Wheres' My Car?" I was disappointed and thought that it was very average.