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age 16+

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Loved this movie!

A little gory and some swears, but overall not that bad.

This title has:

Too much violence
age 17+

Cursing doesn’t look good on the girl.

Okay, so Common Sense Media is going to be all like “this is culturally insensitive” or something like that. This movie never sold itself as anything other than what it is and what it is based on. If they are going to flag everything for that, they gotta a lotta work ahead of them. That aside, the teen girl’s language is SO atrocious, I could almost not watch it. I mean, I get it; young teens sometimes think it is cool to throw such language around, overly, but she is disrespectful for no reason sometimes, regardless of the tenseness or elevation of the situation. But you kinda get the idea that she is speaking like that because she is kinda acting out and such as she is having to deal with the fallout caused by all the terrible adults surrounding her and in a reaction to the sense of helplessness it has caused. The violence is pretty hefty. It isn’t like zombie corpse level and goes by quickly as it is fast paced action scenes. This movie has some light moral codes, but really it is about whether or not we take the choices we are presented with and make the right ones. Appreciated that it didn’t have extensive things of a sexual nature. Quick, easily fast forwardable scene. Overall, it is for mature teens and adults that don’t mind a lot of over the top poor language mainly coming out of a young teen’s mouth.

This title has:

Too much swearing