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Why does this movie have to be so mean-spirited?

I couldn't understand the actions so I'm going to have to watch the whole movie in subtitles. The film tries to shy away from cute with a gritty atmosphere. David Bradley plays the cute little boy in this heart-warming, heart-breaking flick. He was so memorable that I just wanted to meet this character. The Yorkshire accent isn't distinct between some actors. But David Bradley was the standout as he gave an incredible performance as Billy for a child. But the director, besides some exceptional directing, could've picked better actors to make the characters more distinct. The screenplay is very predictable, talky and quite clichéd as the boy adventures and goes through these hard times such as students bullying kids and the religious element of going to church, which bring the movie down but if you get pass these, it's a great movie. Even if it may not be heavy in subject matters, I still don't think that kids can sit through this unless they're maybe 12, which you can tell the movie is not marketed at. Otherwise, it's an underrated and memorable film. It's a sad film if not too sad. There is swearing, nudity and stealing from the boy in this, which isn't memorable.

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Great messages
Great role models
Too much sex
Too much swearing
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This is a brilliant film it only contains gore and strong language.

This title has:

Too much swearing