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Killing Kennedy

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Poor history

This film was extremely disappointing... it left out so many facts and details, the movie would actually have you believe Oswald really killed JFJ by himself, which is impossible unless you believe in "magic bullets"... the security changes to his Dallas route were never mentioned, the actually route changes with his non regular security team were also left out... hardly anything about the mob or Vietnam were included... Warning to anyone doing a school paper or a factual report on JFK, Do NOT use this movie as fact based history , as it is extremely bias and not even close to the truth... this movie is based on the "official story/fable" and not based on the actual evidence.... I was very disappointed... I'd rather a movie leave open questions to keep you guessing at the unknowns than to just fill it in with tainted versions of history that simply aren't the truth... The much older Kevin Costner film "JFK" was a much better movie when it comes to the evidence behind this tragic event, although in the movie JFK, it's more about the conspiracy and the wide range of evidence that just doesn't add up than the day of the assassination itself...