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age 16+

Overall the movie was entertaining. Interesting concept but the sex scene was completely unnecessary.
age 15+

For older kids

I found the tone of the movie all over the place - one minute dark, then comedic, then very dark, then a little cheesy. I didn’t really believe in the characters particularly. Having said that, it was a fairly enjoyable genre-movie if you don’t think too hard about it. Wouldn’t want my 12yo kids watching it for a few years due to the (largely implied) sexual violence.
age 15+

A strong character driven film

A Soderbergh thriller. Kravitz is well cast and executes her role perfectly. I found her insufferable. Her distaste of others runs deep from a person who has not had to deal with others in her space and her intense desire to control her environment, even if that means lashing out at people she feels are pedantic towards her. Her character is both right and emotionally on edge and her desire to fight for herself is always at a 10. The film seems to falter in its second half to some stereotypical tropes of I'm alone and the bad guys are trying to get me, but by then you're committed to the story and to the outcome.