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Parent Written byJenijumpo123654 April 5, 2014

Great movie! one of the best!

Ok, A great story-line and acting! Love keria knightly and clive owen! Some intense battle sequences and a brief sensual scene between Arthur and gwen and some swearing. Other than that one of the best films ever!
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Parent of a 6 and 10 year old Written bysojournersong January 31, 2009

Bloody and intense

I think that this movie was definitely intense, dark, and bloody. The beginning fight scene was so violent I had to look away several times as people were killed in really gruesome ways. I believe that this movie should have an 'R' rating.
Adult Written byGeorgeman April 9, 2008

Iloved it but I thnk an R rating should acure

Very Good!
Adult Written byKing Author grandson September 26, 2015

King Authors recent offspring

we have a surprisingly thick family tree book[as we are not close knit family at all] and King Author kidding.. my great[great,great,great etc etc] father's younger brother had the book of our family tree one day, and lo and behold..there it was, in a 260+ page book ending with my fathers father[my grandfather] King Author appeared very near the beginning of the book/ tree..there are thousands upon thousands upon thousands of us.. " King Author grand-children", so obviously no big deal, but interesting just the same! no.. last name isn't Author,nor my first..
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Educator and Parent Written byNast101 April 2, 2015

An Interesting Look at King Arthur

I would definitely recommend this film to any adult who is fan of Authorian Legend. But I would be hesitant about letting a younger child watch this. The key issue with this film is violence. There is a very graphic battle scene at the beginning of this movie and one at the end as well. The one in the beginning is more graphic than the final battle scene but there is definitely bloodshed and gore in both. In light of modern movies there isn't too much sex or sensuality. There is one scene towards the end of the movie with Arthur and Guinevere and Lancelot does watch Guinevere have a bath... but other than that not really. The setting and scenery is unforgettable and so is the soundtrack. Arthur is as a whole quite a moral and just individual. It also presents more of a historical angle for the tale which is different from what most are used to.
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Too much violence
Adult Written byfivebewe April 9, 2008

Beautiful people

The actors in this movie are (almost) all gorgeous people. I liked the movie, but it wasn't one I would rave about to my friends.The overall mood was "dark", as were most of the scenes -- like a perpetually cloudy/stormy day. There is very little to smile about, and I think there are only a couple of scenes where someone actually DOES smile.The "ice" scene was pretty good. Pretty strategic in the battle scene. All battles were pretty intense; however, it was not nearly as graphic as Mel Gibson's "highlander" movie years ago. (I'm sorry -- the title escapes me).The sexual content is mild -- more suggestive than graphic.The guy who plays the leader of the Saxons is probably THE WORST actor I've seen in a while. It was so bad I almost laughed. He was mean and heartless, but he wasn't very convincing otherwise. I think any High School actor could have pulled it off as well.I do think it might offer some educational value in the historical sense; to visualize how barbaric people were in that day and age. And how easily jerks can take charge and make life miserable for the commoners. There are lessons about loyalty and commitment and also about where to draw the line with that loyalty.I would probably let my teens (16 and 13) see it. I would probably rent it.
Adult Written byfritzsky April 9, 2008
Adult Written bygreen13 April 9, 2008


King Arthur was amazing not only for it's interesting historical perspective, but for it's graphic violence. Some scenes made LOTR seem benign.
Adult Written bythewittyman27 April 9, 2008

pretty good

nowhere near as good as like LOTR, but still pretty good.