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Parent reviews for Kingdom of Heaven

Common Sense says

Violent movie about the Crusades not for kids.
Based on our expert review

Parents say

age 15+
Based on 11 reviews

Kids say

age 14+
Based on 21 reviews
Adult Written bytommysportsgirl April 9, 2008

Fantastic adventure!

In the spirit of "Gladiator" (though not quite as moving), "Kingdom of Heaven" does not fail to please history buffs or action fans.
Adult Written byPollyRoger April 9, 2008

Not quite Gladiator...

I watched this movie with my mother and 12-year-old sister, admittedly, mostly because I wanted to gawk at Orlando Bloom. But he surprised me. He's a better actor than he gets credit for. This is a good movie, but somehow, it's not quite Gladiator. Strong violence. One sex scene, although nothing explicit is shown. The scene is between the main character, and a married woman. It's implied that the main character's father may have raped the main character's mother. I don't really remember any cursing, except for a use of "bastard", but it is used in the literal sense. Overall, good for adults who like war movies. I know my dad likes this one. But not for kids under 15.
Adult Written bystrwberrykis88 April 9, 2008
Adult Written byceana330003 April 9, 2008

I was pleasantly surprised.

Orlando Bloom has fulfilled the acting promise he's displayed in his previous films. KOH as a film is a wonderful depiction of both sides of the Crusades. Each side has its fanatics, their "bad guys," their seasoned warriors, and deveoping heroes. This is a multi-layered story of honor, ruthlessness, and courage.
Adult Written byCSM Screen Name... April 9, 2008

Much better than I suspected!

I think Orlando Bloom is very intelligent and it shows here. He doesn't use his "beauty" to sell the movie (although, I can't deny, he's gorgeous) there are parts of this movie in which he's hiddeous and he must use his acting and intelligence to portray a man with a beautiful passion for all people.
Adult Written byfritzsky April 9, 2008
Adult Written bytrojan51 April 9, 2008
Adult Written bydarthsitkur September 5, 2012

great movie :), an instant 10, one of my favorites

kingdom of heaven was my second war movie and I loved it, it's got lots of blood and gore and lots of awesome action, especially the forest fight. kingdom of heaven is as good as Troy but I think kingdom of heaven is better, basically because it has more action and more blood and gore lol
Adult Written byanewman109 December 8, 2011

Kingdom of Heaven=Heaven for the Viewers

*SPOILER ALERT* This fantastic film by Ridley Scott is an outstanding depiction of the double standards, politics, and blood shed that fueled the Crusades. I was thoroughly in love with the theatrical version, until I learned of the Director's Cut. In the DC, we understand the characters and the storyline so much better--it makes the choppiness of the movie nonexistent. Here's the review for the theatrical version: In the beginning, we are introduced to a band of Crusaders passing by a burial alongside the road. We see the form of a woman, covered in cloth--the wind blows her face covering, and we see her pale, cold face gazing emptily toward the sky. The priest (Michael Sheen) then declares her a suicide and the gravedigger raises an axe, to rid her of her head. We see no gore at this point, and it's tastefully done. Later, a man (Liam Neeson) approaches another man (Orlando Bloom), saying: "Some say Jerusalem is the very center of the world for asking forgiveness. For myself, I call it here. Now. I knew your namesake. I knew your mother. To be courteous, I should say that it was against her objections. But I was the lord's brother and she had no choice. But I did not force her. I have forgiveness to ask of you." This seems to imply a rape in the theatrical version--in the Director's Cut, we understand that Godfrey and Balian's mother did care something for each other, as seen by a flashback. There is a scene much later on involving an unnecessary sexual encounter, about a minute longer in the Director's Cut than the Theatrical. But if you're like me, this shouldn't phase you: The fast forward button is a good friend to keep. As for the violence, let me say this: The very act of a parent freaking out over inappropriate things is the first step to a child craving these things. However, if your kid is not ready or is easily upset by accurate depictions of spurting blood, throat cutting, maiming, ect, then they should not watch the violence in Kingdom of Heaven. A man is shot by a crossbow bolt in the throat. Another is shot in the ribs. Many people are slain, rocks are stained red, decapitated heads are piled and left in a heap in the desert, blades flash crimson in the hot sun, men die defending their city. Religion is also discussed in a way I personally appreciate. The main character often clashes with the Catholic priest, who makes self-serving statements, and wishes only to save himself at the cost of the people. The main character thoroughly beats this priest down by virtuous actions. God is often mentioned; I especially love David Thewlis' character, who states that he does not respect religion, but relies on being just, following God with all your being, without getting caught up in self. There is an obvious theme of clashes between the Muslim faith and the "Christian" (Catholic) faith. However, the main character's befriending of Imad (a Muslim), speaks volumes for transcending hatreds. There is also a leper in the movie, a noble, just king covered by a cowl, whose face is revealed to us later on. We see some gnarly decomposition. You may read all of this and decide this is not the right movie for you. Let me assure you of the quality of this film. It's themes are of repentance, life begun anew, loyalty and devotion, and the finding of faith and family. The locations are breath-taking. The fight scene filmed in the snowy woods is captivating (featuring some amazing horseman-ship by the Hospitalier). The writing (Jeremy Irons and Eva Green's lines especially) is so very well done. This movie is a must-see...but, buy the Director's Cut. It's so worth it.

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Positive Messages
Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Adult Written byhorse_gerbil April 9, 2008

Best Epic Ever.

I really liked Knigdom of Heaven. One thing that I noticed within the first hour was how, unlike most epics today, that there was not as much gore and sex and all that. I had seen Troy and 300 before and was kind of worried that KoH would be the same. I love the stories behind epic films, but I just DO NOT like the movies revolving around gore and sex. It's just not an epic.. But Kingdom of Heaven was brilliant. The only sex scene was 10 seconds long, and of course there was some blood involved, but it is the Crusades..You can't have it completely clean. lol And I really loved Orlando's acting. The reviews said he was horrible. I personally think it was one of his better movies. [even though they're all good. lol] I rated the social behaviour as good stuff, because it was hard to decide. I mean, yeah, they did log people's heads off and what-not, but it's easy to tell who's the good guy in the story. And before the battle at Kerak, Balian refuses to leave because he has to save the people. I think that Balian is a wonderful example of selflessnes, and bravery. Also compassion. The music, too is brilliant.
Adult Written bydaniellero January 16, 2013

Over 12/13 yes, but not 16

My son is 12 had to do a an essay and poster on Saladin for his History class. He read books and encyclopedias about Saladin and the crusades, but I let him watch this since it shows Saladin on "the other side". I thought it was a good movie. Violent, yes, but not too bad. My son has read and watched a lot of war books and movies because it is an interest, but for otehrs who haven't been exposed I can see where this film would be scary or too gory.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness