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not rated for age

Not a kids movie at all - but great work

The common sense review of this is very good. It points out the extremely good values that end up getting passed along in this movie. The idea of being "normal" or not and who is to tell who is or isn't normal is a great question for older teens to deal with in the context of sexual behavior. However, adults who might be turned off by sexual images, nudity, casual adultery, etc. might be taken off guard by this movie's frankness with which it deals with all of these subjects. I'm sure it portrays the researchers pretty accurately, but it can be disturbing to adults - and definitely to kids. Parents should know that there is full frontal male nudity and open wife-swapping in many of the scenes and between the researchers, who are supposedly friends. The best scene in the movie is where Prok realizes that it is his wife (not his research) that gives him roots and her love that gets him through. Although it's a round about way of getting to such a loving point, this movie is well done if you are up for it.