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Parent reviews for Knocked Up

Common Sense says

Raunchy but tender comedy about sex and parenthood.
Based on our expert review

Parents say

age 15+
Based on 37 reviews

Kids say

age 14+
Based on 46 reviews
Adult Written bykattlyn April 9, 2008
Adult Written bydfk1010 April 9, 2008


this is a great movie. theres tons of sex sences and drug use. but it teaches a good lesson to teens. there is a lot of strong languge bit i do not think that is a problum but over all it's great
Adult Written byjlo4685 April 9, 2008

Not What I Expected

I went into this film expecting to see the obligatory sex scene that would enable this particular pregnancy story. What I found was one raunchy nasty movie that made me very uncomfortable (at the age of 22!) with my friends sitting right beside me. I would say, if you have to watch this move... don't.
Parent of a 15 year old Written byoneshotkill27 May 9, 2009
Adult Written bytannerpittman April 9, 2008

Lowers the bar for vulgar shock-humor

I went to see this movie after having heard a review on NPR. But I would have passed had the reviewer made clear how in-your-face vulgar it is. Don't get me wrong. I don't mind movies in which characters curse to a realistic degree, and I'm not particularly prudish about sex scenes. But this movie was just so beyond the pale. My wife and I went with friends, which was pretty much the only thing preventing us from walking out twenty minutes into the thing. Every character over 12 in this film says f**k at least twice every sentence. That's perhaps a mild exaggeration - but only just. I don't particularly find it offensive to view drug use, but for what it's worth the main character is high on something roughly 50% of the time. There are fewer scenes without graphic depictions of sex acts than with. And then . . . there's the crowning child's head in the final birth scene. It’s still haunting my dreams. The sad thing about all this is that a great deal of the humor was funny in its own right, and ultimately the movie had merit as a film. But I for one (and I stress again that I am not a particularly sensitive viewer) just could not wade through the minute-by-minute shock-value vulgarity to appreciate these aspects of the movie. This movie is another piece in the ever-growing body of evidence that Hollywood has utterly lost touch with 99% of the country’s standards for decency.
Adult Written byamy125 April 9, 2008

Very funny

This was a great movie but definetly not for kids. The subject matter is not appropriate.
Adult Written by2cute4u07 April 9, 2008


I thought Knocked Up was a very interesting movie. It portrayed what happens when you have unprotected sex and the consequences. I imaginge many of the viewers were 17 and up. It taught a valuable lesson to the 17 year olds, even to the adults as well. You shouldn't have sex unless you are married or in a strong relationship. It is unwise to go party and then engage in sexual activity. You might end up pregnant, like in this movie, however it did show that they kept the baby and got to know eachother to make it work. Which is what every couple should do.
Adult Written byjoedesoto April 9, 2008
Parent of a 7, 9, and 14 year old Written bymarietrowbridge July 8, 2009
it was an ok movie. wouldnt watch it again

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Positive Messages
Adult Written bymdoubledbg August 4, 2009

They already know

Anyone who expected a movie with Seth Rogen in it about getting pregnant unintentionally was going to be happy go lucky shouldn't have seen it. This was a really great movie and was terrific about dealing with unplanned pregnancy. People will say that younger kids shouldn't see it but realize that most kids above the age of 12 swear on a daily basis and most kids above the age of 14 know someone who smokes pot, if they don't themselves.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Adult Written byswawsome November 28, 2008

Judd Apatow is a genius

Great movie that, if watched right, can be a good lessen for teens who don't fully understand the problems caused by unprotected sex. Recommended for no one younger than 15.
Adult Written byzerotolerance April 9, 2008
Adult Written byrjk1991 June 24, 2009


Honestly, when it comes to this movie I'd say it depends on your kid. If they're more mature, then I'd say this movie is a 14+. If they're not, then I'd say 16+.

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written byWhitneyRobins April 9, 2008
Adult Written byshamu_f15 April 9, 2008

Ignorant over-use of the f-word

Ignorant over-use of the f-word and unnecessary inclusion of too many, and worse yet not funny, crude scenes destroyed what could have been a solid comedy.
Adult Written byRachelc216 April 9, 2008

Oh my gosh.........

It was really the worst movie I have ever seen. Never have I heard the F word so many times or saw so many naked breasts. Their idea of fun was to sit around smoking pot while watching movies trying to find all the sex scenes. They even show girl on girl action. I was convicted for a week after sitting through that movie. Ultimately it is your choice, but be careful, make a wise discussion.
Adult Written bysandymags April 9, 2008

Worst movie ever

Paid for this on pay per view to watch with my teenage daughters...thought it would be a good "meg ryan" type romantic commedy. had to turn it off after 30 minutes...should have turned it off after first five...so vulgar, untinteligant and filthy...come on? Katherine heigl should be ashamed of making such a movie. We deserve better.
Parent of a 17 year old Written byKPash August 25, 2009

Perfect for young adults who know right from wrong

The movie was very funny however, there was a strong use of sex and drugs. The movie was not tended to be used as a role model for adolecents. The mishaps that occur are funny but it would be sad if a kid aspired to be Seth Rogen.

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written bygerry1 July 22, 2009
its a good movie but not really for kids you will crack up

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written byredsoxrulec321 April 9, 2008