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Really nice sequel, actually!!

I actually really liked this sequel! It may not have as high stakes as in the original movie, but it's still good. You can tell they tried to stay true to the style and feeling of the original movie as much as possible (they actually even got the same animator back to animate Kronk!) Kronk was defenitely one of the best characters in the first movie, probably the kindest henchman to a Disney villain ever, so I'm really happy he got an own story here. He's seriously such a great role model for kids, he's nice, kind, funny, helpful and actually pretty smart. The movie kinda starts the same way as the first one did, with our main character being sad and lonely and then telling us what happened. The main plot is about how Kronks dad is gonna come for a visit. And he's expecting his son to have certain things if he would ever be proud of him. And when Kronk hear his father is gonna come, he remember when he DID have all of that, and he's telling the lady boss at the restaurant he works on (as you probably remember from the first movie) about these things in form of two stories. One which is about how he gets the elder ones to sell their home, and the next one is about how he found a love interest. :) These are actually pretty nice stories (thankfully without feeling like a TV-show or anything). We get to see Kronks lovely relationship with everyone around him, Yzma is coming back, and she's even having a song here! And the woman he falls in love with, Birdwell, is also such a great role model. We also gets to see more of Kronk in his role as this squirrel-scout leader. Also appreciate that the movie doesn't end there, but we also gets to see his father coming then, and we get a hilarious climax. And at the end, without giving to much away, we get this beautiful message about your friends are more important than some material things. So overall, this is a very sweet sequel which deserves more attention, for the time and effort they put into it. It defenitely makes Kronk and his fanbase justice, and for those who are fans of all the other characters, don't worry, they show up too, including Kuzco! Just pop it in and have a great time! :)
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Pornography inuendo!

Disney is aware of the every single animated frame that is drawn and placed on an animation or a film so why would they put the sign Stag Reel right before the character speaks about his ex? there were jokes about the characters father falling for a man who dressed up in drag to help a friend, and he was being inappropriate with him. This very adult comedy and inappropriate subliminal messages for kids. There are some messages of doing the right thing when you have wrongly lied to people but honestly that gets lost with all the other messages.
age 13+

I think it's great! :)

Well, I'm 19 years old, so perhaps I'm not the best age to be advising parents, but I think this movie is hilarious! I loved The Emperor's New Groove, and I think Kronk's New Groove is great too. Although it seems to have a lower rating than The Emperor's New Groove, I still thoroughly enjoyed it, as I've always thought that Kronk is a really funny character. I think that this movie is a little bit more suggestive with a few hidden jokes & slight innuendos, as Kronk and his relationship with a lady is shown as Kronk tells his life story, and they bake bread together in a humorous, but rather suggestive manner, but other than that, I didn't really notice anything in the movie that could offend a young child. I think teens from 13-19 are the best audience for this movie. I find the humor to be hilarious. :)
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I think it is funny and sad and inappropriate because yezma say ''I have got a preposition for you'' and krock screams ah like she wants him to have sex with her

I think it's OK but to watch for younger kids but just listen for it

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Strongly recommended

My 8 year olds says, "I thought this movie was funny when I watched it. It had a really good story line."

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This is great for kids to see.
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