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age 18+


It’s every dirty-old-man’s fantasy about an old man successfully seducing scores of young, beautiful women. There is a scene where a young woman who is nude from the waist up walks around the room giving you plenty of time to check her out. It adds nothing to the story and is just an excuse to stare at her breasts. There are no consequences for his lascivious behavior and in the end he marries a beautiful kid whom he will ogle and abuse.
age 18+

A society is as a man does.

I'm deeply saddened as a man to see yet another movie where the man who scars and leaves multiple kind women who never utter a word against him, get a winners ending where else the woman who tried to teach him a lesson is shown as lonely and sad regardless of what her final dialogues say about her being at peace. If you're a fan of patriarchy this movie is for you but if you have even an ounce of humanity, you'll be disturbed by the ending.
age 18+

Another dime a dozen movie that lets the bad guy win.

I had really high hopes for this movie! I love history, love period pieces, love the settings, the costumes, the music, the acting is great, basically this movie is perfect on the outside but on the inside-the story-is garbage. This movie is just like countless others where they let a man who's a horrible person win. And not just that but when he gets what's coming to him and gets a taste of his own medicine we're automatically supposed to feel sorry for him and hate the person who he emotionally destroyed who's trying to get even with him. This man literally spent his whole existence screwing women over and hurting them, lies to them basically does whatever it takes to get into their pants then once he gets it he bails. He does this to the main character and she's like oh no i'm not having that i'm getting him back! And I was like heck yeah you go girl! The only one on her side was the mother but even then amazingly considering she was ruined by a man just like him she didn't feel a shred of dislike towards this man and then there's the daughter... -.- who once again throws all his entire life of extremely selfish self fulfilling acts to the side that caused the main character and COUNTLESS another women pain to the side and feels bad for him and hates the main character.... like what the heck? .-. Like i'm not some hardcore feminist but when countless movies do this samething it really bothers me... it doesn't just hurt women but makes us look stupid and is sexist as all get out. Like why do the bad men ALWAYS have to win in movies like this? Why is it when a woman wants to stand up for herself and do the samething the man did to her is it "wrong"? Why is the man's horrible actions always automatically excused when he's "sudddenly"good? Why can't women stick together for once instead of being enemies? Now you know what would've made this movie perfect? If the main character, the mother and the daughter were all in shink, wanted to get a win for women everywhere and did win. This "let's excuse disgusting behavior, praise the person when he isn't doing that and punish those who dare stand up to it" completely ruined this movie. Funny thing is I didn't even finish it I got to a part where the daughter started praising him and bashing the other girl- I knew at that exact moment that this movie was gonna be like all the rest and turned it off. Of course what I felt was completely correct... So to sum things up I don't reccomend this movie.