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Parent of a 3 and 7 year old Written bybensmum March 15, 2010

not for primary school age children or younger

Overall it has many good points, consistent with reviews you will find elsewhere but the violence makes it unsuitable for younger children and anybody who likes animals will not enjoy seeing a dog beaten to death. I wish that I had not shown it to my children (7 and 3), although fortunately the little one had wandered off by this point. Seeing Lassie getting a belting was also pretty awful. Not at all what I had hoped for, based on half remembered episodes of Lassie from my childhood. The supposed drug abuse and bad language highlighted as potential issues on this site, will probably not even register as you reel from the violence!
What other families should know
Too much violence
Adult Written byhal & elaine April 9, 2008

Animal Peril is Poignant

The main review correctly says Lassie is lashed and another dog is beaten to death. The blows landing are not shown but every thing else is. These are very emotional scenes. Our 11 year old, who loves animals, just made it through OK. A younger sensitive child might not. If your child is mature enough the movie is worth it. Be aware that is a slow moving film with deep messages; it will not hold the attention of a young or hyper child.
Adult Written byhampton32 April 9, 2008

Be warned!

I am usually quite careful about which movies my daughter (currently 7) gets to see, and I usually use this site as my primary source of guidance. We saw this dvd title at Blockbuster and rented it without doing the research because my daughter enjoyed the other G rated "Lassie" film. BIG MISTAKE! My daughter loves animals, especially dogs, but I would not say she is overly sensitive. She has seen other movies with some danger and peril to animals, and came through fine, without any tears or looking away. (In fact, there have been movies where her friends have walked out, claiming to be too scared, where she was perfectly fine.) THIS film was a different story, however. Parents need to know that one adorable little dog, a playful, sweet, friend to Lassie, is beaten to death with a club by some thugs who steal money from and attack its owner (a kind but helpless dwarf). It is a horrendous scene, and seemingly so unnecessary to the storytelling. It does not even move the plot forward and seems quite gratuitous. And then Lassie has to travel a tremendous distance, from Scotland to England, and when she arrives back home, she is near death. This was all very intense and nightmare-inducing for my daughter and I regret that she saw it. It is a decent movie over all -- good, but not great. The cinematography is probably the best part. But please be warned. You may want to wait until your child is older or skip it altogether. There are much better family films out there with animals (such as Homeward Bound, or Garfield, just to name a couple).