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Adult Written bynikita April 9, 2008

I keep watching it

The story is so cute and stories like that are common. People that criticize all the time are getting to me. No sense of humor........
Parent Written byKristinC 2 August 22, 2015

A charming story, but a little uncomfortable to watch with kids

The scenery is gorgeous, as are the actors, which makes the film pleasant to watch. The quirky cast brings the characters to life - they aren't necessarily people you'd want to know in real life, but they're interesting to observe. There's plenty of humor, drunken flirtation, and a dose of Irish folklore thrown in for good measure. The only drawback is that it's not a family sort of movie - the cynicism and insecurity of the main characters and the seamy details of their profession present a picture you probably don't want your kids to internalize. Still, a great film for mom and dad to watch on a kid-free weekend.
Adult Written bylisamarshall April 9, 2008

Slow story

I rented this movie for Brosnan and Moore--two great actors. Unfortuantely, I was disappointed with the story. They both play divorce lawyer adversaries in a series of cases where they often stoop low to win. There is an obvious attraction from the start, but Moore's charactor resists. At one point, they get drunk and end up in bed. Finally, they end up in Ireland together (no surprise to Brosnan fans) and get drunk again. They end up married. Confusion and mayhem continue. Eventually, they do somewhat fall in love and Brosnan gets to loosen up and do what he does best when not shackled by his James Bond seriousness: smile and charm the ladies (he is so cute!!). This part almost makes the rest of the movie worthwhile. Almost. If you aren't a Brosnan fan, skip it.