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good movie, bad sequel

I was a bit disappointed after watching the first one i was really looking forward to this but it was basically the same story as the first. I had a couple of laughs but it did not come close to being better than the first one. It was a good movie though.

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Great role models
age 11+

ok but lacks compared to the first

legally blonde 2 is a decent flick even though it lacks in comparison to the first movie. Most of the cast's acting is underwhelming but Reese Wither spoon still remains as the charming Elle who is obsessed with pink. There is mild language but not as much as the first. The jokes are hit or miss. When i first heard the plot to this movie i did not expect a lot but for a sequel it didn't fail as badly as i expected.
age 8+

Implausible and just downright cringeworthy

I thoroughly enjoyed the first Legally Blonde movie. But they should have stopped there. I couldn't even make it through the whole movie, it was that bad. I mean, gay dogs?? And serious lawmen and women getting all mushy and caving over a completely empty, emotive argument that had no basis in actual law? No. Just no. I could see why Elle one her case in the first movie, but in this one it was so utterly implausible and ridiculous it made me cringe. It came off as a really bad parody more than anything. Seriously, don't waste your time.
age 10+

Really good and you dont have to be 13 to watch it!

This is a really good movie... the only reason I dont give it 5 stars is because it reminds me a lot of teh 1st one! Still a really good movie though!

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Too much swearing