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Educator and Parent Written byMovie Review Maven June 1, 2014

Was Dorothy's return worth the wait?

Movie Title: Legends of Oz PG, 1 hour 28 minutes Grade: C In a Nutshell: The talented Lea Michele from Glee brings to life a Dorothy who has returned to Oz to fight another colorful villain and save the day. The cast of legendary voices includes Martin Short, Patrick Stewart, Bernadette Peters, Dan Aykroyd, Oliver Platt, Jim Belushi, Kelsey Grammer, and Megan Hilty. Unfortunately, the story doesn’t measure up to their tremendous talent, but offers a diversion for young children who want to see what’s on the other side of the marketing rainbow. The sequel was written by the original author’s grandson. I wonder what L. Frank Baum would have thought of it. It had a Cirque du Soleil: The Mystery of Mystere feel to it, introducing new characters and throwing a spin on the old ones. In a nutshell: harmless, but charmless. Uplifting theme: Loyalty, service to others, fighting evil, friendship Dorothy said “There will always be a rainbow when you need one most.” Things I liked: I liked the visual details of the grass in between the yellow bricks. I got a kick out of the tree with pinecone earrings and the other one with the Reggae dreadlocks. Fireflies ARE magical. Nice design on Tugg’s sail. I LOVE details in animation. China Princess had the most delicate little lips that quivered with emotion. There were some 3D gags which little ones will enjoy. Things I didn’t like: The songs aren’t catchy enough to convince young girls to stop singing the soundtrack from Frozen a million times a day. It doesn’t have the heart of the original The Wizard of Oz . It lacks clever wit and magical charm. The China Princess is not an endearing character that little girls should emulate. Glenda, on the other hand, will do well in merchandising because she was so cute and sweet. I didn’t understand the airbrush checkered shirt on Wiser the Owl. Why? Dorothy’s face looked too old, but I loved her cowboy boots! It was a strange mixture of cartoony animation and more sophisticated drawings. The rolling credits at the end included a gigantic list of names the film was dedicated to. Doesn't that kind of water down the sentiment? Funny lines: “You can’t make a person do that against his will. Dancing is very personal.” - Tin Man Tips for parents: It’s a fairly harmless story with a villain who is more mean than scary. Keep watching during the credits to see the rest of the story unfold.
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Parent of a 8 year old Written byMLC May 16, 2015

This movie was terrible

This is a terrible adaptation that has far too much violence and romance for younger viewers. The musical numbers are awful. Don't waste your time on this movie.
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Too much violence
Too much sex
Parent Written by76 yr old Grandma May 16, 2014

"There Will Always be a Rainbow when One Needs it Most"

Ok! First, the Wizard of Oz book by Frank Baum & Julie Garland in the Wizard of Oz film is classic & timeless ~ one that's watched time & again by each generation. The Legends of Oz animated musical film is delightful and charming. It remains to be seen how the kids will react & whether the film stands the test of time. I say that because we [the writer and several of her grand-mother or older gal friends] attended an afternoon show & there were No children watching the film -only about 1 dozen attendees. The gals & I LOVED the animation & melodious musicality of the movie! It will catch on & there should be lots of children seeing it this weekend. The music by Bryan Adams, songwriter/composer, pinned for the film is Great -- I think the kids will particularly like the song & animation of the Happy song, "Work with Me!" & of course, the journey through Candyland will be loved by the kids. The animation process & effects for the characters of Oz (i.e., Tin Man, monkeys) are amazing. I enjoyed listening to the talented singing voice of Lea Michele's & she really got into the role of Dorothy's character. This grownup Loved/enjoyed the wonderful stellar, talented voices of Megan Hilty & Hugh Dancy, both in their solo performances & as the 'China Princess & Marshall Mallow' singing their Beautiful duet song, 'Even Then'.~ sigh :-) Martin Short really shines as the Jester don't you think; & kudos go to the costume designing for the Jester -- Patrick Stewart is also great & appealing to the little ones as Tugg the Tugboat! The gals thought the movie was very 'cute' & well suited for young children to see -- lots of laughs & chuckles made in the journey through candyland -- all of them will tell their kids to take their grandchildren to see it. Personally (& at my suggestion) we All agreed, over cups of Hot Tea, to give it an A+ on being a positive role model with high marks in educational values to be discussed w/the kids. Some of the values we talked about were: 1) the good Vs evil; the "work with me" attitude in helping one another, 2) a reiteration of helping those in need of a brain(education); of courage, & heart (scarecrow/lion/tin man) & 3) it connects the dots to people in Dorothy's Kansas; e.g., the Jester & the appraiser abusing governmental powers, et al. One reservation perhaps could be for parents to be cautious about their young 3 to 4 YOs seeing the film ~ the mean flying monkeys battle in 3D might be too scary for them. Although the Top Box Office attendance stats were not as great as other films at this point (about $3.7M), I do think it will do Very Well, especially in DVD sales for home viewing. TOYS: I think the Jester, Toto, Tin Man & Marshall Mallow plush toys will do well; & I believe the Hotest item will be the fashion Singing Dorothy Doll w/cute cowboy boots, et al- especially since she sings the Happy song "Work with Me" from the movie. Like Dorothy, let’s think positive & remember, "There Will Always be a Rainbow when One Needs it Most"
Parent Written byDuncanDerund May 11, 2014


No Sex. No drugs. This has very little cartoon violence and scary images are rare. Not extreme curses. Great animated remake of a classic. Kids will enjoy this movie.
Adult Written bycoco media November 18, 2015

you will love it

The movie is well done. Great animation and story. The characters are nice and funny, you will love them. But only one problem about Dorothy, in some scene her breasts seem big, even through she look like 11\12 year old, its pretty large for her age. In fact, she should never have them at that age. The kids will notice, And start to feel curious. But other than that. its fine..
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Too much sex