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Goofy '90s Carrey comedy has lots of profanity, sex.
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Adult Written byavsavsavs November 4, 2014

very entertaining/well-acted...BUT it's PG-13 for a reason

I made the mistake (on a recommendation from my 8yo kid's friend's mom) of showing this to my 8 and 10yo kids. i'm no prude, but i was shocked...prob because i was expecting a PG experience...this was my fault for going on a recommendation instead of following through w researching it myself.

we got through 1/3 of it and my kids basically asked me to turn it off...

swear words? was not cool but ok (for my kids)
ass pinching? was weird for my kids

full on mounting and one person stripping the clothes off the other (in a "violent" manner) was disturbing for my kids to watch (esp my 10yo)...and it was at this point I turned it off. and looked at the rating. and saw I had made a mistake.

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Parent Written bymarvistamom November 9, 2008

Yellow Light for Sure

I remember seeing it BC with my husband (Before Children) and thought it was hilarious. What I didn't remember was the liberal dose of profanity and running stream of sexual references. I wish I had read the common sense media review, before renting it. Are my kids worse off for seeing it? No. Did they laugh? Yes. I recommend you proceed with caution...
Adult Written byDevesh G. July 8, 2019
Adult Written byVohaul February 16, 2019

Excellent movie

One of Jim's best

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Adult Written byLowe's man February 18, 2016

a mixed message

I'd give this 2 1/2 stars if I could. It's all well and good that Max wishes, for his birthday, that his father (Jim Carrey's character), Fletcher, would go through an entire day without telling a lie and only tell the truth, and it's also well and good that Fletcher is able to do just that. But that should be done every day, not just one day a year. The message of this movie is morally ambiguous. Know your young adolescent before renting this movie.
Adult Written byflunky January 2, 2016

Strong acting from Jim Carrey

The film has an important message in it: it is good to be honest. The film tells a story about a lawyer, Fletcher Reede, a divorced man who is soon going to lose his son, and who also has a habit to lie every day. One day, his son makes a birthday-wish that his father would not lie in a single day. Fletcher has just a tough case at his job, and the next day will turn into a nightmare for him, or doesn't it? ...

The film contains a lot of heavy swearing and strong references to sex, including flirting and a tape where sex voices are played for more than ten seconds. The film is also a comedy, so it does not display it's good message very clearly. These three reasons makes this film not suitable for young children.

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Positive Messages
Sexy stuff
Adult Written byMatt B. October 25, 2015

Not for young viewers

There is a recording in court of sex sounds and there is some other sexual content. A lot of language too. It get's a heavy PG-13.
Adult Written byAidan S. April 4, 2015
A sex scene and some bad words And he tells a woman she has big boobs
Adult Written bywonder dove November 10, 2012


Very funny film! Jim Carrey is too much! His character Fletcher is very hyper and energetic. He plays a father who lies too much. His ex-wife is upset when he promises to be there for their son Max, but always has an excuse - he either has an accident or forgets. One day on Max's birthday, he wishes his dad couldn't tell a lie for one day. It comes true and Fletcher is unable to lie as usual, including at work as a lawyer. He embarrasses others, including himself and insults a lot of people. Very hilarious stuff! I think it helps him become a better person in the end. There are some crude jokes and some bad language throughout including an "f" word (PG-13 rating is accurate). Some violence - Fletcher beats himself up in a bathroom. Quite a bit of sexual situations like sleeping with a woman and they're found in bed together, seducing a man - a woman comes on to Fletcher while he's on the phone to his ex-wife. A sex tape is heard as evidence in a court room (found that embarrassing when I was younger!) a man says he "f*cked her brains out" in one scene. This is certainly not comedy for kids, mature 13 or anyone over 14 seems fair.

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Adult Written byWeron May 30, 2012

super super comedy from jim carrey ! but some hot scenes and i rating 13+

Adult Written byshanerocks April 5, 2012


Excellent movie! Some sex related humor and language, but overall hilarious!!

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Parent of a 8-year-old Written byavance April 25, 2011
Most people either love or hate Jim Carrey. My son and I are in the former camp.

It's a showpiece for him at his silliest, fighting with a pen, beating himself up, roasting an entire conference room full of people.

It's interesting to watch a smooth talker and schmoozer fall apart when he can't lie anymore.

And it's a great story for a boy to watch with his Dad since the major themes are about the Dad's realization that his workaholic ways are hurting his son.
Adult Written byMovieluver101 April 7, 2011


You all may think, she's just another movie hater. Well, I am a movieluver and I had top say this was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I watched this with my 11 year old and I had to turn it off because too much sex content and language. i mean, a guy beating himself up on purpose just to get to a party is a role model of Charlie Sheen. Some parts are touching but not long enough for you to say, this is a fun loving and entergetic movie.

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Adult Written bynduns June 18, 2010

First of all...

Chobitgirl, this movie's rated PG-13. What made you think it was a kid's movie? Furthermore, if you're a kid, why are you labeled as an adult viewer? Are you just trying to be a troll or something? Now that that's out of the way, on with the actual review:

This is actually my favorite Jim Carrey movie. Not only is it the same overthetop hilarity we expect from the guy, but it also tells a heartwarming story of a father's relationship with his son. People like CS seem to let Carrey's antics erase that fact from their minds and that shouldn't be the case. If you're looking for a good comedy, I'd highly recommend this.

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Positive Messages
Adult Written bypapasong June 9, 2009
Adult Written bytommysportsgirl April 9, 2008

Skip it

There are better things to do with your time- like reading a book!
Adult Written byChobitgirl April 9, 2008


Horrible for kids, and Im a kid. You dont here this stuff from kids very often. DO NOT let your kids see this movie. There is LOTS of Sexual Content and bad launguage. Of course this is my oppinion.
Adult Written byCassus_Fett April 9, 2008