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Life Itself (2014)

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A movie about a personal hero

As an aspiring movie critic, there's really only one man to look up to. Roger Ebert paved the way for virtually everyone to come. This movie examines his life, how much he loved the movies, maybe the not so desirable aspects of the man, his hilariously interesting frenemyship with Gene Siskel, and perhaps most heartbreakingly, his last few months with his cancerous affliction. Those scenes are the hardest to bear witness to, not because of their graphic nature but seeing a man having to suffer who was in alright condition prior. It's also very inspiring to see a man so unafraid of death. Though it shows some scenes from a trashy movie Ebert wrote in the 60s, catch the version on CNN if your aspiring writer kids want to see it. It's a great documentary and I hopes it wins an Oscar like everyone's saying it will!

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Too much sex