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Adult Written bywonder dove January 26, 2013

A gem! For mature audiences!

I found this movie to be quite good! I love the realism of it because it brings back a few memories when I was a young teen and some situations felt familiar. It centers around two teen girls who seem completely opposite, but are best friends. Lily(Juno Temple) is bold and curious with a wild side and Alison (Kay Panabaker) is quiet, shy and always trying to do what's right. Growing up bored in a town where not much happens, the two long for something more. When Lily meets a skater boy (Kyle Gallner) and his friends who are from LA, she's instantly attracted to him. Alison however, is hesitant but finally comes around. When the boys head back to LA, Lily so desperately wants to follow so Alison decides to pick her up and go on a little road trip where they meet up with the skater gang once again and spend their nights in a run down abandoned shack. Their crazy little adventures start to spiral and while Lily seems to be having fun, Alison feels uncomfortable - like she's in the wrong place at the wrong time and needs to get out fast. It's a very emotional kind of film, it gives hints on what kind of things are going through teens minds. There is a lot of strong violence - pushing, shouting, gun use, assaults, injuries, muggings...etc. Sexual content is heavy though there is no actual sex, there is nudity twice (bare breasts), two teens kiss and almost go all the way, a girl acts as a prostitute to prank predators online and then gun them down later (also a near-rape scene). Language is strong also. There is some drinking & smoking, you see one of the skater guys getting high, also a brief discussion about drugs. NOT for kids!! 17+ is recommended.
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