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Parent Written byAPAdam October 23, 2013

Feel good short for all kids

Parent of a 2 year old Written byAsterix December 23, 2013

Beautiful little movie for toddlers

This is the first "movie" we showed to our son (when he was a month or two shy of turning three). It is very beautifully rendered -- great drawings, great colors. Just very aesthetically pleasing. It is narrated without dialogue, but the expressions of the main characters really convey the feelings and thrust of the story very well. The movie carries very nice messages: help those in need, even if it is inconvenient; and be open to friendship with others. There are a couple of parts of the story that may make some sensitive toddlers a bit anxious: there is a storm, and also an initially-ominous-looking giant octopus (though he soon turns out to be very nice). But even my sensitive toddler got through those parts and wasn't fazed by them once the story moved on. Anyhow, it's a great movie. I don't think I could pick a better, first movie for my son (and, believe me, I've looked).
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Parent of an infant and 3 year old Written byExpatMom March 17, 2014

Beautifully Narrated & Illustrated Story - but a bit sad.

Our 3 year old is quite sensitive, and she found this movie to be very sad. By the end of the movie she was in tears and for days afterwards she continued to get upset about it. The illustrations are marvelous and the story is very simple and sweet - but it definitely carries a bit of a melancholic tone.
Parent Written byViannaR October 18, 2014

Wonderful film; with two scary scenes

This film is unique and lovely. The animation is exquisite and the narration is superb. I wish there were more films such as this available. However, caveat for sensitive ones like my four-year-old daughter. There are two very scary scenes: One is a very vividly portrayed storm at sea; the other is when a tremendous octopus rises out of the sea and interacts with the boy and penguin--this absolutely terrified my daughter, so we will not be watching again until she is a bit older.
Educator and Parent of a 5 year old Written bymcghol January 18, 2015

beautiful and touching; but a bit scary

My partner and I thought this was a wonderful movie--beautifully done and very sweet. It is only the third movie our almost-6-year-old has watched. Though she was riveted to the screen and smiled happily at the end, she says she didn't like it because it is too scary. She is quite sensitive; the storm scene was too much for her, as was the point when the penguin and the boy just missed each other as they sought each other out.
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Parent Written byseasiafam June 11, 2015

From a 6-year-old who doesn't watch many movies

I think it's so-so. Most of it I didn't like - only the part where the octopus helped them, I liked. It was kind of boring and kind of sad.
Parent Written bylimegreensneaks@gmai June 2, 2015

Very cute

My 3 year old loved this film. I'd recommend watching it the first time with a young child, as there are some scary scenes, and a sensitive kid might need some reassurance everything will turn out okay. The scene with the octopus seems to be pretty terrifying at first, but then the octopus turns out to be friendly and helpful, so this can be a good starting point for a discussion about when things seem scary, or people seem frightening, but turn out not to be. The music in this is also really, really fantastic. It makes the whole thing, in my opinion.
Parent Written byMtr July 6, 2016
Beautiful animation and a great story about friendship and doing the right thing without any villains, violence, or negative messages. Appropriate for all ages.
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Parent Written byflaneuse March 21, 2016
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