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Lost in Space

For a movie that blows up Space Ships and Spider Monsters. Spiders eating up Parent Spider , if you can get your head around that depending on how protective of your kids you are it's Great. The Earth is Choking from Mans Poor management and there is only a very short time left. A voyage to the Stars and a New World is planned but ther is a Evil Faction or Sedision that tries to stop them. Based on the original Series Lost In Space with a few new Twists in the story is a good Family Movie Rated PG with Mild Coarse Language and Violence , Running time 1:30 Mins SIFI. Compaired to other Childrens shows is very well done .
age 10+
age 10+


It was great. i personally loved it, and i dont even know the TV show. the violence is tame mostly, but the innuendo is crazy, but the language is also tame. good positive role models, and i suggest kids 10 and up can see this. My MPAA Rating is PG for continuous comic violence and sexual innuendo, and brief language

This title has:

Great messages
Great role models
Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
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Despite the look of the movie, it's not for young kids.

If the movie were rated only for the violent scenes, it probably would have been a PG. With the exception of a yucky-looking wound caused by alien spiders, the violence was pretty tame. But the language and innuendo were too strong for what should have been a family film.