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Sweet fish-out-of-water story about friendship, adventure.
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Adult Written byTre H. June 18, 2021


Not a terrible movie. But, I did expect it to be little more...I don't know entertaining...

And now I am going to sound like my mother, (sigh), but movies that make parental warnings seem unwarranted or overkill don't sit well with me.
I know that it is just a movie and the parents were excessively sheltering their son. But, there are situations in Real life, where if a child did not heed there could be irrevocable consequences.

Kids should not use fiction for life lessons, but they are impressionable.

(Rant over)
Bottom line:The movie is ok for all ages.
Adult Written byLarkspur3000 June 22, 2021

Didn’t give it high expectations and still enjoyed it!

I think this film is a beautiful coming of age story centered around friendship. It resembled the little mermaid almost to a tee, I was pleased that the conflict didn’t consist of an evil being w/ magical powers. One thing I would change is in the film the child disobeys his parents, but when confronted at the end is given very little consequence for his actions. Other than that the overall message is beautiful, and the characters are loveable.

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Adult Written byCi S. June 30, 2021

running away from parents?

Ungrateful fish like the little mermaid, how awful it was to see a child run away from his parents, what’s wrong with working on a farm, the friendship between the two boys was so odd. The jealousy the boy had was another odd situation. Any one who harbors jealousy is not a healthy situation. Finally, the protection the parents have is a real life thing for parents today how could they water it down with such a fantasy situation!! It could have been such a sweet movie, the colors, the culture was beautiful. I’m not allowing my children to see it again, I totally regretted it.
Adult Written byJay213 June 18, 2021

The story was really good

I will recommend to watch this , the story was really good but I want to know what happened after he went to school and how the life was going after al that.
Adult Written byMovielovernumber1 June 18, 2021

Such a cuuute movie!

So cuuute! I really liked this movie! It may not be as complex as other Disney Pixar movies, but it is its simplicity that makes it so good! It has a very nice summer feeling to it that will defenitely make you remember your own childhood adventures. The animation is gorgeous and the message about friendship is very relatable for the kids. And of course, this adventure that includes a lots of sun, blu skies and water will defenetely make them go out and experience some wonderful summer adventures! Highly recommend this movie, for many summers to come! :)
Adult Written bymeydiana.rizki June 27, 2021

Sweet coming of age story

I feel like I haven't seen a great coming of age story in a long while. This movie definitely brought me back to my younger days with my friends and learning who I am and taking risks.

I wasn't sure about this movie when I would see the ads. I caught it on Disney plus while at the gym and just fell into the story. I wasn't anticipating on liking it so much but I'm glad I did. It's such a feel good summer story. A must see for kids of all ages!

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Adult Written byCristina williams June 19, 2021

Very cute children's film

This movie is very sweet. It is very nice to watch with the whole family, it is also very humorous as while. Full of friendship, standing for yourself and standing up for others. Being there for each other when you need them the most. Mystical creatures are cute not scary, the animation is beautiful. I really enjoyed this film. Based in Italy, there is some Italian spoken. Friends are both good to have and sometimes they can be terrible influence. I hope you will enjoy this movie.

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Adult Written bykc1984 June 29, 2021

Cute, touching

We enjoyed this movie. It's beautiful to watch. It has good overall messages about acceptance and friendship. The scenes involving the "bad guy" leave much to be desired. There is just a little bit of name calling "stupid, idiot" et c, and the bad guy is violent and constantly hitting or kicking people. Aside from scenes with him, it's really great. I was able to talk to my four year old about the not-so-nice behavior while we watched.
Adult Written byAnam Shahid June 22, 2021

Very disappointed

From a parents point of view I'd say it was a pointless movie. No purpose, not very surprising plot twists. The only surprise for me was that I was hoping for a good family oriented lesson for children, about the importance of family or how hard life gets for the runaways like in coco, but the whole moral of the story was that children can be right so we should let them go their own way. The only role of the parents was to stop their child from doing what he wanted to do. They were being very nonsensical and mean throughout the movie with the other kids. Also the words jerk and stupido were used very frequently along the movie.
This was nothing like Disney Pixar's amazing heart warming productions. Just a light entertainment with a very disappointing lesson. Other than that my 4 year old son and 7 year old daughter had a good time. Characters were cute. Special effects were great.

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Adult Written byCoryReviews July 5, 2021

Not a Bad film, disappointed Disney thought name calling would be more sensible in Italian.

As a whole I did enjoy this movie, however, I think younger kids need to be old enough to understand name-calling isn't appropriate and neither is running away from home.

Conflict in the movie generally results in people calling people names like 'Stupido' and 'Idiota' regularly. On a first pass, my 4-year-old was too busy laughing at the slapstick style humour with the physical comedy to pick any of it up. However, it will be a while before we revisit this one.

The main character shows determination along with curiosity like most kids and has a lot of fun along the way. The movie also does well to build suspense towards the end even if there arent too many surpises.

Overall there are some positive messages there that are just buried under a lot of negativity.

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Adult Written byBrandon H. July 2, 2021

Messaging is awful

Basically, this is the story of a boy who deceives his parents and runs away from home. His parents figure out what he did and go out to find him. It all works out in the end for the kid. So the moral of the story is: Don't listen to your parents because they don't know what they're talking about and arbitrarily tell you that things are dangerous. If you ignore them and do what they tell you not to do, it will all work out for you and in the end your parents will see they were wrong. Pass.
Adult Written byHannbanan165 June 24, 2021

Luca is an adorable movie about friendship

Most of the movie is adorable and fun. The animation is simply incredible and the simplicity of the storyline makes it easy for younger children to follow and enjoy. My only complaint is that the parents are portrayed like fools who don’t ever leave their cave. They’re scared and controlling and closed minded. This, to me, is a little far. There are times when children need to trust their parents.
Again, my only complaint. Otherwise I think it’s a good movie about friendship and adventure!

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Adult Written bydgnoack July 20, 2021

Not for Us

This might be a cute movie for a small child from 3-5 yrs. I have a 9 yr old son that I watched this with. It's not a hit movie, just a summer movie filler.

Downside for me: Luca blatantly disobeys his parents and goes above water day after day where they believe it is unsafe for a mermaid. When they find out and want to send him to live with his wayward uncle deep in the sea, he runs away to land. There he continues to build a friendship with an older mermaid/boy who has chosen to live on land all the time. We can assume he's around 17-18 yrs since he says his father has decided he's old enough to live on his own and has abandoned him in a sort of lighthouse/castle. Luca is portrayed as about 11. It's a questionable relationship. They go on in the movie to sleep on a treehouse platform together outside a new friend's (human) window.

High points: They all practice perseverance, grit and determination to win a race in order to receive the prize scooter. (be it.... all while Luca is out running his parents at every turn and knows it). The music is good/different for children to hear. In the end, there is an important message about the desire to learn and go to school.
Parent of a 7-year-old Written bycncode July 11, 2021
Parent of a 5 and 7-year-old Written byCharlemegne July 9, 2021

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Parent of a 16 and 17-year-old Written byMarsenmov July 8, 2021

Loved it!!

Very fun and heartwarming movie. The low stakes was such a nice break from what I usually see in movies. Definitely a must watch with kids!

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Adult Written byJonnyV33 July 5, 2021

Great Story and Incredible Animation

Adult Written byJakx July 5, 2021

Luca review

Fun for everyone in the family

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Adult Written byFeijoa July 5, 2021
Parent of a 3 and 5-year-old Written byStephanie D. July 4, 2021

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