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age 5+

Worth watching

Wow I gotta say I enjoyed this more than I thought. The nice lessons about luck had me going. The only part that was cheesey was the really cringey romance (why was the dragons name “babe”?) and Sams solo singing, which was nice but still cringe. Also the juice bar in bad luck resembles a real bar, with the drinks looking like cocktails, but it’s okay. Really good movie

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Great messages
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mediocre hero’s journey

This movie felt a little pointless. The plot had so much potential but the execution was terrible. The story dragged on and had lots of twists that added nothing to the story and felt like time fillers. Also the animation was poor, in particular the talking, which was difficult to sit through. This movie would be good for a young child, but overall holds little to no substance and meaning for an older audience.

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Educational value
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Don't judge the movie by its cover!

age 3+

Interesting and creative ideas, but WAY too much filler

age 7+
The best!

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Great messages