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Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro

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age 8+


This is just a good movie with a normal plot of good and evil. The characters are likeable, Lupin is a criminal, but he is heroic and risks his life to save others. In terms of its appropriateness there are guns, but I don’t think the image of these are all that uncommon in kids movies now-a-days, you may be concerned with the amount of cigarettes in this so maybe just have a chat to your child about the dangers and how they were widely in “the olden days”, the only thing that surprised me is that when Lupin gets shot, you don’t really see anything but then as he is lying on the floor there is a red pool of blood beneath him, this is the only thing that would really count as violent in the movie and it was a bit disconcerting as I wasn’t expecting that in a kids movie. Overall, give this a go, it’s a good movie that’s easy to watch and I’m sure that kids will love it!
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age 10+

An Action-Packed Anime Movie

This is one of the most enjoyable anime movies that I've ever seen. I'll break it down: VIOLENCE: Lots of cartoonish violence. Car chases, explosions, gunfire etc. A character is crushed by a clock tower off-screen. The most violent scene is probably when the lead is shot and seen bleeding - he is injured for the rest of the movie. SEX: Characters flirt with each other. SWEARING: "Damn, hell" are both used throughout. DRINKING/DRUGS/SMOKING: Characters are frequently smoking cigarettes. They drink beer at a bar. Overall, I'd say that this appropriate for ages 10+.

This title has:

Too much violence
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age 14+

good movie 10/10 (SPOILERS)

This movie is about a french guy, a sharp shooter Japanese guy, and a samurai. after lupin and jigen rob a casino in a small fiat they go to a new place cuz the money is fake. They go hang out at a castle for a while and then a hotal then back to the castle to save the princess from a creepy guy. and also other stuff lupin gets trapped in the castle they find fake money and then lupin gets shot. then heals up and svae the day on the wedding day and then the creepy guy and lupin fight in a clock and creepy guy gets crushed by greed. Then they find a water world
age 11+

Expert Review Is Stupid!

You heard that right because it is. This is an amazing anime movie. Some language, skimpy clothing, but nothing short of magnificence. Parents let your kids watch this movie and kids just ask your parents Also CSM 2/5 for language!! Are you serious?! Damn and hell are that bad?!
age 11+

It’s a fun anime movie

This is my first review, so I’m going to start off by saying that movie age ratings aren’t important and it really all depends on maturity. That statement doesn’t affect this movie much, though, as I think it’s fairly tame compared to other movies rated PG-13. I believe this is the first feature film of Hayao Miyazaki, who apparently has made a bunch of great films which I have yet to see. Anyway, this is the second Lupin the 3rd film, so those not familiar with the characters might be a bit confused, but the story is easy to follow so it doesn’t matter that much. It’s one of my favorite movies and I recommend to all fans of animation, because that’s what really shines here.