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Mostly mild 1920s-set Woody Allen comedy has charisma.
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Teen, 15 years old Written byJflores14 September 1, 2014

Quirky woody Allen film is surprisingly funny

This romantic comedy is filled with sly humor and romance. Teens may like it, but young kids will be VERY BORED! Content: Violence: none Sex: reference to sodomy and affairs Language: hell and damn Smoking: lots PG: for brief sexual reference, smoking throughout, and mature themes
Kid, 12 years old June 17, 2015
Teen, 15 years old Written byVicky GP February 28, 2015

Typical Woody Allen movie

This movie is what I would consider a very typical Woody Allen comedy film. Although there aren't any innuendos, inappropriate references or iffy scenes, I still think kids 12 (or older) would be best to watching this movie, because of specific references they might not understand. Just like any other Woody Allen adaption, this movie definitely does not fail on scenarios, with beautiful views of different places in Southern France! Although it is a light, funny movie, it fails at good plot, what I mean by that is that, it's quite predictable and fails at "suspense". There is however people smoking and drinking throughout the movie, but keep in mind this takes place in 1928 (supposedly). Overall, it is worth watching but mostly only because of the breath taking views!
Teen, 13 years old Written byMoony718 December 27, 2014

Fine for Young Kids...Disappointing

I love the twenties background. The music is lovely and the scenery is beautiful. I love Colin Firth and Emma Stone. Otherwise it's a cheesy Woody Allen romance, and strange in a not-so-great way. Inconsistent. Young kids can watch (but most likely won't enjoy). There's a good bit of smoking, some drinking. Suggestive comments aren't a big deal, because they won't understand the comments, and will think nothing of them. Not worth watching.
Teen, 17 years old Written byB-KMastah September 5, 2014

Cute, likable, and funny.

Side note: I have no idea why this didn't post when I saw this movie three weeks ago (what the hell, Rotten Tomatoes). I went into this with very muted expectations. I love Colin Firth and Emma Stone, but Woody Allen's movies are really inconsistent in regards to quality. The last three years have had a great-then-bad-then-great pattern, so I figured this would be not good. I didn't read any reviews but I knew that the consensus was mixed, but happily, that wasn't the case for me, because this movie is so cute. Cute would definitely be the word to describe this, on top of the set design and costumes being beautiful, and dialogue being witty and energetic. In typical Woody Allen fashion, the script is leans towards sharp and mostly funny, and Firth and Stone are (obviously) great. They work well together, despite some of their on-screen romance not landing perfectly, but I blame the script for that one. The film is immersive in its 1928 setting not only from the visuals, but the filmmaking. The opening credits are classical, the music is very traditional and safe (but in a good way), and almost all - if not all - of the scene transitions are crossfades. The movie is predictable, but finds some small flourishes of interest compared to how formulaic this basic concept sounds. The movie itself is brisk up until approximately the 80-minute mark, where it starts to drift along a bit too much, but I still had fun and it just made me happy. 7.7/10, good, one thumb up, above average, etc.

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