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Dissipation, degeneracy, drunkenness

This is possibly the worst movie I've ever seen. Two middle aged people spend the day together getting drunk and talking about oral sex, light someone on fire then make oral sex jokes about the fire extinguisher, then she ends up weeping drunkenly at her parents' anniversary party, he climbs in her parents' window cheered on by a crowd of drunken teenagers, he puts his hands on her rear and drunkenly tongue kisses her in front of her parents who are visibly turned on, then she drags him into her parents bathroom for sex IN THE MIDDLE OF HER PARENTS' ANNIVERSARY PARTY. While the drunken teenagers outside cheer.
age 16+

Somewhat cute and funny BUT

Basic humor for low expectation movie BUT there are parts that are inappropriately written in the name of humor that at minimum should be talked through as just plain sexist bad writing. The scene someone references here in the comments about the bathroom blackmail of a kiss AND the very end mentions her “sending pictures” to that same creepy guy...? What? A totally unnecessary and weird line to a decent (albeit classically formulaic) ending.
age 18+

Trigger warning - rapey bathroom scene

I don't know how this was billed as a "romantic comedy." About 15 minutes in there's a sexual assault in a bathroom that's supposed to be "funny" because she's trying to not let her date find out he's out with the wrong girl. Another man at the bar knows her real identity and essentially sexually assaults and blackmails her in a very forceful way when she's alone in the bathroom. When the date finds out she has to apologize for appearing to be in an embrace with her assaulter. On what planet is having a nearly naked man wrap a scarf around your neck and pull you in to kiss you in an empty woman's bathroom funny? I turned off the TV in horror. No wonder no one believes women who are raped - if it's billed as humor rather than assault. UGH. Do not let your children internalize that this kind of message is ok.

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Too much sex