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Wonderful book adaptation with strong female protagonist.
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Parent of a 11, 14, and 16-year-old Written bycmdfamily January 19, 2014

Commonsensemedia Dropped the Ball

I rely heavily on this website to determine whether or not a show is appropriate for my kids and teens to watch. I am shocked to find the inaccuracy of this review! It describes a scene where a couple is 'walked in on' while they are in bed together. It says that it shows skin on skin, but no specific body parts are shown. Absolutely false! The woman's breasts are in full view! And although the scene only lasts for a few seconds, you can see the man 'moving' on top of her. I don't watch R rated shows, so I immediately got off the movie to double check the's only PG-13 and I'm not sure how they can get away with a scene like that in a show that they deem appropriate for teens. From one careful parent to warned!

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written byHmcknigh January 28, 2016

Good Rendition of a Classic, NOT for Children

Parents need to know that although this is a version of Jane Austen's timeless classic, this rendition is NOT for children. Just as in Austen's novel of the same name, the plot is formed with an undertone of oppression, as the ideas of slavery and abolition pit several characters against each other. Sexuality and nudity are also portrayed, first as a graphic exposure of slavery (we see the graphic illustration of slave women being raped), and then, slightly more graphic as one character accidentally walks in on two other characters obviously engaging in intercourse. Parents should note that these characters are COMPLETELY nude, and wrapped around one another a very graphic fashion (we see the nakedness of both bodies; think 'Outlander', without sound). Should teachers or parents want to expose their children to Jane Austin's classic story, one should consider the alternate "made-for-tv" version of this film created in 2008 by BBC.

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written byPeriodMovieLover January 3, 2012

Very sensual scene and violence toward slaves that did not need to be there

Firstly the violence toward slaves was sickening. I know so many atrocities happened, it is painful to watch. And the intimate scene that is walked in on in this movie left little to the imagination. It was much more than I would want my 13 year old to see. It was not a comfortable thing to have displayed on the screen for me or for my children. We love period movies at out house and are seeing more and more sensuality in these movies. One of the benefits to this genre has always been enjoyable stories with pretty clean depictions. Sadly this is not the case so much anymore. Sweet innocent kisses are one thing, but seeing what goes on behind closed doors is another.
I have been criticized by other reviewers before for not appreciating the sensuality in movies and so be it. To each his or her own. But, I appreciate it so much when others review things and let me know what is in them.

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Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written byjoami September 24, 2014

True to Book, but Not for Kids

This is not a family film, if you want to see a family appropriate Mansfield Park i'd go with Masterpiece Theater. Aside from the sex scene the scene that was really disturbing for me was how graphic the sketches were of women being raped and forced to have oral sex. I'm usually not for censorship but when it comes to rape I think images of any kind is too much.

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Sexy stuff
Parent of a 7, 13, and 14-year-old Written byJ F. September 16, 2016

Unexpected Nudity and explicit pictures

iit seems that the CommonSense rating really skimmed over the truth about the sexual and explicit content of this movie.

Overall the movie is captivating and the actors did a great job bring the characters from the book to to life. However there is one sexual scene with full body nudity and another scene that has very explicit drawings of the torture and rape of slaves.
This movie would have been fine without these scenes. i'm baffled how this could have received a PG-13 rating.

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Sexy stuff
Parent of a 8, 10, 12, 15, and 17-year-old Written byJust Kristyn July 23, 2016

Not for kids, but...

Mansfield Park is my favorite Jane Austen novel. This is an adaptation, with some notable changes to Fanny Price's character. I think the PG 13 rating is iffy--- very easily it could have been R. That said, while this is not a family movie, for older teens (especially those in the habit of watching any old thing that comes out) there is a redeeming quality and that is the character Edmund Bertram. He is a strong and virtuous light shining in the darkness of his siblings' and friend's lack of moral compass. Both he and Fanny are deferential and compassionate characters, but they are not given to compromise. That is worth a conversation. They are both shocked and saddened by the moral failures of their peers. So you have this contrast between the two of them and the rest of their set.
Adult Written byKgiustini February 15, 2014
There is a sex scene with bare breasts and the man is thrusting. It may be brief, but definitely inappropriate Also, graphic pictures of slaves being raped and tortured. Didn't want that stuck in my mind either.

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written byQuietTiger January 31, 2014

Unexpected Nudity

In an unexpected bedroom scene, we see the bare breasts of a women engaged in sexual activity. Definitely not deserving of a PG-13 rating. Other than that, the movie is decent.

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Sexy stuff
Parent of a 7, 9, 10, 12, and 14-year-old Written bypinkfrenchgirl December 30, 2011

Slave Rape gets two lips on the sex scale?

I am really surprised that the main review didn't mention the drawings of the rapes of the slaves... it is violent, explicit, and vile (if accurate and portrayed in a condemning light). I think it's important for the movie, and I don't fault the movie so much, but it's definitely TMI for my kids.
Parent of a 16-year-old Written byJane Austen fan August 23, 2009

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Sexy stuff