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Parent reviews for March of the Penguins

Common Sense says

Stunning, loving documentary; some intense peril.
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Parents say

age 5+
Based on 24 reviews

Kids say

age 6+
Based on 30 reviews
Adult Written byJenPete April 9, 2008

Finally a movie for even our smallest child

This was entertaining for the entire family, educational and beautiful to watch. Enough humor in the script to keep the audience listening. Even our 2-year-old didn't worry about the only "violence" - a scene involving seals v. penquins...very adeptly handled.
Adult Written byHuebel April 9, 2008


I couldn't peel my eyes off this movie. If you have kids who really enjoy movies about animals, this may be right up their alley. The narration by Morgan Freeman is warm and inviting, which is a stark contrast to the harsh realities that these penguins deal with. The only negative thing I can say about this movie is that it may not hold some children's attention.
Adult Written byMomma Adamson April 9, 2008
Adult Written bymomof2 April 9, 2008

Too boring for young kids

I said this movie was ok for young kids but I want to qualify that. There is nothing wrong with the content...my kids (3 & 5) didn't even realize they were mating...but, a little over half way through the movie they said they were ready to go home. They liked it ok, but my 3 year old constantly talked and asked questions about where they were going and what they were doing. They were just really too young to sit through a true documentary.
Parent of a 12 and 15 year old Written byLaurieS March 28, 2011
I took my six year old to see MotP in the theaters when it first came out. We were the only family with children there, the rest of the patrons were all retirees. It was fairly brutal for the kids. It is very, very long with long slow scenes of penguins walking across the ice. Dramatic, maybe, but definitely a trial for the younger kids. Also, the best part for most of the other movie goers that day was when my six year old saw the mating scene and asked loudly "Mom, what are those penguins doing?" and every pair of eyes in the theater turned to see how I'd handle it! (Which was, of course, directly and matter-of-factly!) At the time, the film was touted as great for kids and a good family film. There was nothing terrible or terribly offensive, it was just too long, overdramatic, and a little depressing. When the penguin, after about an hour of build-up, drops his egg leading to its instant demise, my eight year old sighed and said "Kinda wish I got dropped on my head on the ice about now." Again, not a bad film, but for the kids, better to watch a 30 minute National Geographic special instead.
Parent Written bypwmoores April 9, 2008

Great nature flick for enitre family! But BEWARE the end for young kids!

Wonderful in every way, BUT at the very end of the movies the voiceover says that the Moms and Dads and babies have a great summer then the moms and dads leave and they never see each other again and the babies are left alone standing on the ice at the water's edge. My 5 yr old became hysterical and cried until the movie ended. A week later now he has separation anxiety worse then a 2 yr old. BEWARE!
Adult Written bylindsey789 March 29, 2009


boring the movie is very boring
Adult Written byThe Writer March 8, 2011

Well-made, but terribly boring!

I tend to like a good documentary. However, this film nearly bored me to sleep. While it has plenty of educational value, I have yet to meet a person who actually LIKED the film, much less wanted to buy it. Some of the shots were fantastic, but it dragged on endlessly and never managed to catch my interest. I would suggest you save yourself the time and watch a shorter documentary.

This title contains:

Educational Value
Adult Written byCSM Screen Name... April 9, 2008

Documentary, interesting but not action movie

My son is 5 and doesn't still for much. He was very interested in this. We watched it at home on dvd which was good since he had lots of questions. He is very into animals and although there were some sad moments in the penguins struggle with some explanation about the animal world he took it well. If your child is into alot of action, it will not appeal to him/her. Well done, some cute, funny moments and it makes you respect animals more.
Adult Written byamheusser April 9, 2008

Very well made

I took my 3 year old, and she got a little fidgety but was mostly fascinated. There were a couple of scenes that were somewhat disturbing, though, so be prepared for some discussion about the natural food chain. None of these scenes were graphic or gory, but young kids may be a little scared because it's not pretend like so many other movies.
Adult Written bybeanbag April 9, 2008

Penguins are Cool

I brought my almost 6 yr old to see this film yesterday and for someone who usually handles violence and other mishaps of nature fairly well; she was covering her eyes and gasping at points (granted she's also quite the drama queen). After the mommy penguin was eaten by the seal and she realized that that meant that the baby penguin wouldn't have food... I actually asked her if she needed to leave... but she insisted on staying so she could discover what happened to the penguins. After much discussion (good thing we went to a matinee)... she left the movie with the impression that penguins are cool (no pun intended).
Adult Written bysuznsax April 9, 2008
Parent of a 8 year old Written byJoeFuentes April 30, 2009

a MUST see but be aware it's "realistic"

Amazingly shot and superbly narrated by Morgan Freeman. This is a great window into what happens in the real wild to what normally would be seen as otherwise adorable creatures that walk funny. It shows what life as a penguin is like without getting too graphic. There are, however, some emotional moments that you may want to make sure you touch base with your kids.
Adult Written bylindsey12345 April 9, 2009


the movie is so boring
Adult Written bycagseg April 9, 2008


March of the Penguins is a great movie, not boring like kids might think.
Adult Written byksoster April 9, 2008

beautiful family movie

This truely an amazing movie. I took my 8 year old son, my 12 year old daughter and my 68 year old aunt and the entire group loved the movie. Name another movie where that would be true! The movie was tender, funny, sad and educational all at the same time. We all walked away in awe of the penquin and you will too.
Adult Written bypkatz April 9, 2008
Adult Written bymama247 April 9, 2008

Preview it and then enjoy with your kids!

After reading several reviews saying this wasn't really a kids movie, my husband and I decided to watch it ourselves on dvd before we let the kids watch it. Good thing. It is an amazing movie and really beautiful, but it's not something most kids can watch without a lot of explanation. I decided to watch it alone with my six year old (without her 3 & 2 year old sisters). Before we watched I warned her about some of the scary and sad things. She was scared and sad at each of these, but handled it well because she was prepared. What I hadn't prepared her for, because it hadn't occured to me, was the ending. When she heard that most of the penguins will never see their parents again she burst into tears! It took some time for me to explain that the penguins weren't sad about it. I tried to do so without saying "They're only penguins!" I must also add that she was on the verge of being bored during many parts of the movie. It took some convincing to get her to continue watching. I know she enjoyed it, but she did not ask to watch it again, unlike most movies that she watches over and over. Overall, really nice and educational, but to be watched together on DVD.
Parent of a 11 and 14 year old Written bykcInnovation April 22, 2009

Sensitive children of 8 and up

After hearing NPR's Terry Gross interview with the creators of the movie Earth opening on Earthday 2009, I thought back about my two boys reaction to the beautiful and inspiring "March of the Penguin". All three of us enjoyed it in 2005, but the attack and death scenes were quite upsetting to my then 6 year old who still loves penguins. As gorgeous as "March of the Penguin" and its gripping story, he has not asked to see it again. This coming from a precocious and sensitive child who has watched "Ratatouille" and "Finding Nemo" at least 12 times, including all of the special features in the DVDs!
Adult Written byM3 April 9, 2008