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Adult Written bywonder dove September 16, 2011

Must watch! Not for kids.

First of all, I LOVED this film and have seen it several times. It's not one you would find very often, it's unique and very underestimated! It's strictly for the older crowd only, I would say anyone under 16 should wait to watch this. It's a tragic story of a kid who gets bullied at school, his older brother & friends come up with a plan to teach him a lesson, but the prank goes terribly wrong. I like this movie because it's extremely realistic of what teens go through on a daily basis and I think it's important for adults to understand that. Lets be real, kids today do far worse things to their peers than what is presented in this story. The characters do have heart and most of them decide to cancel the prank half way through the trip but then things turn for the worst and it's too late. It's intense, suspenseful with a little light humor & fun to keep things interesting. It's a little slow moving toward the mid-end but still has you glued to the screen. This is the type of film where you really feel for the characters, it makes you think and wonder what you would do in their position at their age. And to me, that is a very well made movie worth watching! There is a lot of strong cussing (A LOT), even by tweens. There isn't that much violence (a few scenes and one intense one) but not overly done. Lots of alcohol use with some drugs involved (marijuana), quite a few sexual references, no real nudity except for a bare butt during a "Truth or Dare" game, lots of insults and references to a character being Gay. Overall, excellent acting (wow!), great cast, very enjoyable film worth watching more than once. Rated a high 7.3 on IMDB site!
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