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Parent of a 6, 9, and 12 year old Written byoakhillsdrive November 26, 2010

So many wrong messages in this movie Bullying,...

My husband and I went to watch it without the children just to make sure it was appropriate. After the first five minutes, we decided this was not a good movie for our children. There are many parts of the story that even this website blew right past. Here goes my list of problems: 1) Bullying is appropriate and accepted behavior and never punished. 2) Being bad because that's what your good at is accepted. 3) Becoming the "good guy" because the new "bad guy" is not as bad as you were. 4) Heroes "quitting the business" because they are tired of helping other people and want to live for themselves. 5) The humor in it is exactly what I would expect from people who write for SNL. It's sad that no one is paying attention to any of these subjects that are so negative. Sorry Will Ferrell, but I will not take me kids to see this movie.
Parent of a 3 and 5 year old Written byStormi November 24, 2010
Really loved the movie. Very adorable and my 4 and 5 year old giggled and danced through it and really enjoyed it. There were a few things I was dismayed about for their age. Some of the song selections (even though they did technically stop the song before it said h*ll) and the villain yelling that there was no Easter bunny or tooth fairy seemed inappropriate for a children's movie. Overall great message and very cute. Not too violent- all done very cartoonish and laughy. Most appropriate for 6+ I think but still ok for 4 and 5 with some caution.
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Great messages
Parent of a 6 and 8 year old Written byMom of 2 Califo... November 15, 2010
This movie is SO fun and funny - we made it a family outing and we all (mom, dad & two boys ages 6 & 8) loved it. My big disappointment about the movie is the one line where a character says "The Tooth Fairy & the Easter Bunny" aren't real. I thought for certain they were going to come back to clean that up by having the tooth fairy and / or bunny save the day or something but they never did! So, if you're trying to keep those things going for your young ones - don't take them to this one. But if they're beyond believing, it's a lot of fun!
Educator Written bymaddox121 August 27, 2015


"Hell "Dam" "Bit--"
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Too much swearing
Adult Written byEdelweis January 12, 2016

Funny, sweet, sensitive movie to watch again and again

First, I'll say that this is one of my favourite animated movies, right up there with Tangled and How To Train Your Dragon. First, we watch Megamind grow from a baby (adorable!) who simply lands in the wrong place - to a lonely, ostracised child. I will note here that the bullying he experiences is not quite of the distressingly physical/emotional level found in some kids' movies. (A case in point is 'Mr Peabody and Sherman' - the bullying there was intense enough to distress me, and I can imagine the effect it might have had on a sensitive child.) I thought the movie handled the topic exceptionally well - not prolonged or too intense, but quite enough to show what little Megamind went through, and how it shaped him as a person. -------------- The young Megamind just wants to fit in - to have friends and be admired - and as such is deeply relatable. The closing scene of his childhood sequence is a great segue into seeing his adult self, and understanding it. -------------- Not too much violence, although Roxanne being stranded on top of skyscrapers and people falling through great heights could be scary (or is that just my own fear of heights speaking?) Sexual content - all there is is a kiss and some hugging, all of which is more sweet than risque. Lots of very sweet, tentative romantic bonding, but no innuendo or dirty jokes that I picked up at all. I didn't notice any swearing. -------------- Megamind's transition from hero to villain was, I thought, very sensitively handled; he realises that he doesn't have to be the villain that everyone expects him to be. He's different, sure, and because of that, everyone has always expected him to be the bad guy - he looks the part! But the core of the story is him realising that he can choose to be a good person - a great message and a great role model if I ever saw one! No matter what anyone thinks, no matter how different he is, Megamind can be a hero and still be himself. -------------- All in all, I found this a thoughtful, delightful movie, recommended for all. Enjoy! -------------- Note: Please excuse the strange paragraph-break dash rows. There's no other way to break up my paragraphs, and without them my review is a massive chunk of text that's painful to read. :)
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Great messages
Great role models
Parent Written byRobert Zaleski March 11, 2012

Entertaining with Good Plot dynamics while still being age appropriate

My 3 year old likes this movie. I think it plays on the typical villian/hero theme, which hopefully you've taught your kids to not take too seriously. People state about Metro Man quiting is probably right, but people need to take care of themselves too, so him deciding to do what he wants is probably fine. It's also clear from the start Mega Mind doesn't really want to be a bad guy, but chooses it as a result of experience. Overall I think this is a fine movie.
Adult Written byChristian girlz March 12, 2011

Good movie, but inappropriate music

Let me begin by saying overall it was a good movie. It had many well told jokes that wern't overruled with crude humor, many memorable characters, and surprising twists that the whole the family enjoyed; But the music was far from suitable. Many of the songs were by Ac-Dc and Ozzy Osborne. We ended up muting out half the movie because of the music. So I would say it's not a very family friendly movie unless you mute out the music.
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Too much swearing
Great messages
Educator and Parent of an infant year old Written byBatfan7 March 26, 2016

Funnier for older kids

Although I think kids younger than 9 would be fine sitting through this movie, personally, I thought it was funny because I've seen so many superhero movies and this one spoofed them - thus I think an older child (who has seen some superhero shows or movies) is a better audience. It takes cliches and flips them around, creating quite a few hilarious moments. Unlike another reviewer here, I'd disagree with the idea that this has negative messages. There is bullying (unpunished), but the main character is one who overcomes the situation in the end, which is a positive message. The main character temporarily is the 'bad guy', conforming to society's expectations, but the story shows how he rises above that, which is honestly a lot harder than staying in the safe, known, rut. I'd consider that redemption both a truer achievement and a more realistic one than having the bully punished somehow. The fact that the 'good guy' gets tired of the hero-ing and lives selfishly is actually a great lesson on how we shouldn't idolize beautiful, talented people (especially actors or singers) because they are flawed too (sometimes pretty badly) and aren't worthy of being put on such a high pedestal. Overall, a great movie with some deep lessons about overcoming stereotypes, and how underdogs sometimes do win. And a whole lot of laugh-out-loud humor! It's on our must-see list for when my baby boy is older.
Teen, 17 years old Written bySS1234 April 20, 2015


This was the only movie I feel asleep in while being at the cinema. I should have stuck to Morning Glory. It is also forgettable.
Adult Written byCollegiateGirl January 4, 2013

Worth the Watch, Time and Again

This is one of my favorite movies because I find so many good lessons from it the more I watch it. I find it immensely refreshing to find a romantic relationship which is focused more on spending time together than touching or kissing, and how someone's self-image is sometimes all that is holding them back from being who they need to be. I feel that the messages here involve what we do with the gifts given to us, and stepping up to the plate. There is a contrast between characters who have gifts who choose not to use them, those who have gifts they do not see, and those who have gifts and use them wrongly. There is minor language (song "On the Highway to H*ll", amusingly paused right before the word, then accidentally played again on that word) and three uses of the Lord's name in vain. Also, there is a scene where a skeleton is blasted at one of the characters which is a little creepy for anyone <5. Roxanne's outfits are mildly revealing, but for the most part remain tasteful.
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Too much violence
Too much swearing
Parent Written byHaywire November 22, 2012

Good for 5 and up

My rating: G
Parent Written byRun boy run. November 2, 2012

This movie is freakin funny

Adult Written byTimTheTVGuy October 12, 2012

Not bad,but could be better.

Megamind was pretty fun,cool,hilarious,and nice to watch,BUT there were some flaws about it.Like,the film was getting kind of boring,Roxaine Richie was an annoying character,the storyline was poor (nothing terrible though),and the scene with the spider in Megamind's eye was just disgusting.Now,I DON'T hate spiders,but that scene was gross.There was some humor (though the film didn't make me LOL that much),interesting characters,mind-blowing animation,and likeable music,but that's all.You know,Megamind could've been a very enthralling film,but it had to be something average.It was good,but sort of dissapointing.
Adult Written bydeb2 June 28, 2012

Good, but for older kids

This is a fun movie, but kids 7-8 and under will be confused.
Adult Written byJEDI micah April 23, 2012


This is a very clever superhero movie! Will Ferrell did a great job for playing the voice of Megamind! Just like any other superhero movie, there's plenty of action and peril in this movie, but it's all kinda cartoonish in nature. All in all, I like this movie, and you parents who have kids ages 8 and up will like this movie too!
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Too much violence
Too much sex
Parent Written byRobbyWBoy16 January 3, 2012


this movie is intence dreamworks film but way over boring..... b-o-r-i-n-g.
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Great messages
Too much violence
Parent of a 6 and 10 year old Written byWhite Zulu January 3, 2012

Pass on this film

I found this movie really tacky and very questionable for 6 year olds. Full of mean characters and bullies. I'd take a pass on this one.
Parent Written byAltair-Avenir December 20, 2011


It contains one or two kisses but they don't count!
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Educational value
Great messages
Great role models
Adult Written byErindira September 28, 2011

Very funny

We watched this with our 2 nine year-old boys, and we all loved it. It is very funny, without the parts that might make you cringe as a parent. The animation is good, and the dialogue is hilarious.
Parent Written byParentofBoyandGirl September 19, 2011

R-rated music about drugs and destruction is inappropriate for children's movie.

The music in this movie is completely inappropriate. "Sex, drugs and rock and roll" should never be appropriate music for children since they like to sing along. A children's movie full of AC/DC songs?? Heavy Metal songs for toddlers and small children is crazy. Highway To Hell, is not a children's song! There are more of the same types of songs in the movie by Ozzy Osborne, Guns and Roses. These music CDs in the store are rated R. I am furious that I bought this movie. I assumed it was "safe" based on the reviews and watched it with the kids rather than previewing it first like usual, yes, my error. My children are 8 and 10, so not too little, but those songs are never songs I would ever like for them to listen to and definitely not sing along at this age. The movie itself was okay, but the music is completely inappropriate. I have since thrown the movie in the trash.