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Mike Bassett: England Manager

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This is funny, I promise

Wow. What a joyless review from Commonsense of what is a total classic of British humour. The bad stuff first. There is A LOT of swearing, some of the behaviour shown is laddish and there is a hooliganism scene (mild compared to what you'll have seen on the news). There is some stereotyping by country but the one truly bigoted character is eventually called out for his behaviour and loses his job. On the positive side, this is the football/soccer equivalent of Spinal Tap. Yes, it helps if you have some feeling for the miserable state of English football until about 10 years ago (like it helps watching Spinal Tap if you have some feeling for rock music) but it works perfectly as an underdog story in its own right. The Kipling press conference scene has genuine emotional heft! And there are superb lines and set-ups all the way through. It's just very funny. To argue that the film isn't worth watching because the England football team is now good is to spectulalarly miss the point. This is for anybody who has ever supported a rubbish team, for anybody who has despaired and for anybody who just wants to laugh out loud.