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age 17+

Do not let your teen watch this movie

This movie is disturbing on so many levels. I am shocked that common sense says it’s ok for 14 year olds. The entire movie is built around their lust for each other. While a sex act nor actual nudity is shown, you know what they have done. After they have sex, she is bleeding (they show this). Then they alternate between making out and screaming at each other. Talking about love and then screaming horrible names at other. (He calls her a whore many times) He also, in a fit of rage, grabs her pet canary out of her hands and chops the canary’s head off with a kitchen knife. They show it... they show the decapiated bird and the blood. She then starts shouting and crying and puts her fingers in the canary’s blood and wipes it all over her face. The next 30 minutes of the movie, she has the canary blood all over her face. He finally convinces her that the only way out is to kill herself. He provides her with his straight razor and tells her exactly where to go and how to do it. The next scene she is laying in a creek with blood coming out of her wrists and at the same time he puts on his servant coat and brings his master his coffee. No consequences, just able to go on with his normal life like nothing has happened, while she lays bleeding to death in the creek. It is a highly disturbing movie that would be extremely difficult for any teen to process.