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My rating: R for language,some violence and brief sexual content.

age 15+

Overstated Jodie Foster drama Has tons of language and Moderate Drug Use

When I first heard that a new Jodie Foster movie was coming out, I was overjoyed. I was so excited to see it. I begged and begged my parents to let me see it and they finally gave in. But, then I saw it. This movie is a okay and features a great performance from Jack O' Connell But ultimately works better as a fantasy than a political drama. There is one sex scene between to minor characters, they are fully clothed but it is still pretty graphic. There is Cocaine and Hookah use by supporting characters and there is a ton of language. There are constant uses of "F--k" and "Bulls--t" but that is about it. There is also vivid imagery of death and some gore. This movie is fully earns its R rating and is best for 15+.

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much swearing
age 13+

Great movie, just watch out for your kids

This movie was really a great one. I was blown away by how great Kyle (the main bad guy) was played by a new actor to the scene, Jack O'Connell. Everything was all well done and it was just put together really well. It surprised me how good it was for a movie that is set all in one day, with no breaks at all. I really liked how well the plot developed and how there is just so much unfolding in such a well-presented way. Now, on to the warnings. What people, and especially parents of young children need to know is that is is extremely intense. There is not one break from the gripping and incredibly intense action. It is filled with many scenes of suspense when Kyle holds a gun to Lee Gates' (the main character) head and threatens with large pauses to shoot or blow him up in a suicide vest. This may be taken differently depending if the person watching takes it seriously and is immersed in the film or not or if they handle suspense well. There are many swears, such as numerous f bombs, s--t, and bitch littered throughout the dialogue. There is also a scene where two young hacker men are taking hits from a bong, but it isn't very focused on. At one point, a worker on the news crew is back stage blatantly testing out some new 'erection cream' while having sex with a mostly clothed woman. There is no private parts shown, but it is very sexual. Other than that, there is very little actual violence, but when there is, a bullet wound is clearly shown, but not too much. It isn't too much for tweens to handle. Overall, I thought this movie was fantastic and I would see it again.

This title has:

Great messages
Too much swearing
age 17+

Clever and entertaining hostage drama is pretty violent and interesting but mature.

This violent and intense hostage drama takes place in 2016 New York City, where a man named Lee Gates and his crew shoot his finance show "Money Monster." Lee's main friend on the set is Patty, she is a beautiful woman that talks to him in his ear while he's doing the show to make sure he does the right thing. One Friday morning, while Lee is doing his regular show and giving some finance advice, a man walks onto the stage with a gun, and we have no idea why. The man is named Kile, and he puts a bomb on Lee and threatens to kill him. Kyle announces that he is there but the finance advice that Lee gave him was not good, and a "computer glitch" ended up taking all of his money, and he blames Lee. If he takes his finger off the trigger, they'll all explode. Lee and Patty are still in the building after everyone evacuated and they're trying to contact to the CEO of this company to give Kyle some answers on his money, or will it be to late? What will happen at the end? Will they escape? Violence 4/5: A high sense of peril and danger throughout, and a few characters are shot, beaten, hit in the head, and some more. A character is shot in the stomach with a sniper as blood splatters from the wound and creates a pool of blood and he is killed. A character is shot in the shoulder with a gun on accident and blood briefly splatters. A character is beaten by another character and hit on the head with the butt of a gun. A huge threat of explosives throughout. Images from a disturbing, violent mine attack in Africa with beating, shooting, and stabbing but some bloody wounds. In a brief movie seen, a woman is seen brutally murdering someone with an axe as blood flows. Other disturbing, semi-violent movie images. Extremely intense. Sexual content and nudity 4/5: A man is seen putting on erection cream in the bathroom and makes graphic comments on what is happening, the man is later seen having sex with a woman in a closet as he's thrusting into her bare legs, as she's moaning and making comments about what it's doing to her and how his erection is working, their bare legs and his bottom are shown. A few sexual references. A sex commercial is seen on TV with characters thrusting but no nudity. In a background scene, a naked couple is seen kissing and having sex in a shower with a flash of her breasts and bottom visible. Language 5/5: Constant, extremely strong language throughout including several uses of "f--k" "s--t" "motherf-----r" "d--k" "d--kface" "bulls--t" "a--hole" "c--ksucker" "c--t" "p---y" "douchebag" "bitch" "w---e" "penis" "c--klicker" and much more. Drinking and drugs 4/5: A few sequences include drinking. Two hackers are briefly seen smoking bongs, and taking pills. This movie is brilliant, entertaining, and interesting, however, it will be very confusing for kids and is very violent, racy, and filled with swearing. My rating:R for violence, some sexuality/nudity, brief drug use, and pervasive language.