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Skip it, anything else you do with your time is better than this movie.

I can't believe I watched a second one of these! It's not good for kids, it's not good for adults, it's just not good.
age 3+


Weird movie about a young boy who wears underpants and gold shoes and dances around singing I'm only human and he has a girlfriend which is weird because he seems really young. My 5 year old like it for the monster and the fighting.
age 10+

Good Movie

This movie is really good but i didnt go for 5 stars because it's not the best but i still do really love the movie and i'm excited to see others in the series.
age 2+

Heck no

my son watrchd Monster Family 2 an thadat noot gd he sad he lik Monster Family 2 and that bad Monster Family 2 is teaching kids to be demons and my childs grades are now f because he was watching this movie
age 8+

Monster fun

I really enjoyed thismovie it's fun lighthearted and entertaining and it shows that it's ok to feel more than one way and acknowledge it. At the beginning they thought everything was swell but learnt that that was only surface level and there waa still ssues that was needing sorting out.and the plot about them having to try and save the other monsters from essentially poachers disguised as scientists was reall fun to see

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Great messages
Great role models
age 6+

Slow, dull and

My children enjoyed the first film, but this one was unbelievably slow with a disjointed plot that felt like two (bad) films shoehorned into one. The space story felt anything but Halloweeny and it failed to raise a smile in my house. It felt like a badly written kids program rather than a film, with awkward dialogue. It might be ok for littler ones but my 9 and 7 year old were bored.