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age 17+

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Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
age 17+

Could have been funnier and more impactful.

111 F words and 1 C--t. Lots of casual upper female nudity around an artists' mansion including 2 fully nude women covered in red paint rolling on a canvas tarp (breasts, rears, and pubic hair visible). Also psychedelic illustrations that show breats, butts and pubes. The films yitle is snorted like coke by an unseen entity. A junkie sniffs glue from a bag and immediately snorts coke off a car hood in close up. A film producer snorts coke in a couple of scenes. Several psychadelic drawings are seen with joints in mouth. A man accidentally takes LSD thinking its asprin and trips for an extended scene. The same man then takes a couple of bong hits afterwards. 2 comical shootouts with exagerated blood and gore. Both have a person who gets head blasted off with shotgun. The 1st is brief and quick, second is much goopier and close up (with a wrigling toungue). The later shooyout has more casualties and has blood stain the walls and floors in ample amounts. A bathroom breatdown has a man bashed into a sink till his teeth fall out (blows not seen, just bloody teeth) and a man on the floor beaten to a pulp until the attackers shirt is bloody (no blows shown). A man is hit with a shovel. A pile of swirly feces is seen on a record. Somewhere in this movie a more Britishy Big Lebowski-esque cult Black Comedy. Yet its characters and concept are dealt with in a very scattershot and uneven manner for the film to be memorable enough to be a cult classic. It has a novel plot concept with a coherent theme worth thinking about and the film goes for Guy Ritchie esque subtext with its madcap setup. However for a 90 minute film there are several scenes that should have been shorter and could have been replaced with different material to enhance the film. The CIA protagonists PTSD could have been used to greater effect, although he does have his moments. A number of the jokes run flat too. The movie also deoesnt seem to know what to do with half of its subplots which could have been clever if the filmmakers went all the way with them.