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** Note the "Sex, Romance, and Nudity" rating.

This is my first review, which I felt I needed to write because this movie surprised me. I am disappointed Common Sense Media didn't refer to the unusual sexual content for a PG movie in its expert review. This is what is stated, though, under the specific "Sex, Romance, and Nudity" section: "Provocative cabaret shown, with performers wearing sexy costumes and making suggestive moves." For perspective, Finding Dory and Paddington are rated PG. In general, I've been quite aligned with Common Sense Media reviews for years, but I wish the summary review would have mentioned this cabaret. If that had been the case, I would have previewed the movie first. In the future, I'll read the details of each separate section as well as the summary to be more thorough! I have two boys ages 10 and 13, and I felt saddened that a PG movie would include a sensual cabaret show. The cabaret section would likely seem relatively mild to any adult, but it was simply surprising, inappropriate, and unnecessary in this film, especially a film for families. Fortunately this scene could be easily skipped without missing any of the plot. The rest of the movie had lovely, empowering themes about going after your dreams, being inclusive, and valuing individuals for who they are. Although the message might be too subtle for children under fourteen, the movie also made the effort to show that women specifically should be seen for who they are rather than their value being placed in their beauty. I would still support the 10+ rating Common Sense Media gave this movie, but only if the cabaret scene is skipped.
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age 12+

A delight!

A very sweet film set in London and Paris. Explores themes of ambition, dreams, and class. There is a little gambling, smoking, and drinking. If you like vintage fashion, you’ll love this film. There is nothing in this film that younger children shouldn’t see, but they might not be able to follow along with the dialogue and storyline, particularly considering the heavy accents. Overall a delightful movie.