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age 16+

Extremely upsetting

Based on another review on here I watched this with my 16, 13 and 8 year olds. There is an intensely violent scene at the end of the film which completely traumatised all but the 16 year old. Don’t be reassured by reviews saying the violence isn’t very graphic: first of all, it IS graphic, and anything not seen on screen is possibly even more intense for the implied extreme and inhumane violence on a gentle character they had been following on screen for the previous 2 hours. Definitely not for children.

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Too much violence
age 9+

Good movie

This movie is fine for younger children to watch as long as you are there to explain certain parts. It is a fairly mild look at the l atrocities people of color endured during this time frame. There is an excellent message in that it is ok to have faith and trust in others despite what society thinks

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Great messages
Great role models
age 16+

Fascinating look at the past

While most reviews will, rightfully, focus on the racial aspects of this film, I also found the ways women's lives were portrayed to be a fascinating reminder of how much things have, and haven't, changed since the 40's. There are many avenues of conversation that can be pursued: how does gender affect your role in the family? How have things changed for women since then? Do you think you would have acted in the same way, if you had been raised in that society/time? Why or why not?
age 16+

Mudbound seen first time

This is thought provoking. It displays failures that still exist (racism for one) in many parts of our country and elsewhere. It is a depressing, unhappy movie. Is the movie well made and well acted?? Yes. Does it make one also want to read the book? Maybe, if one is brave enough. Should you see the movie a second time? Yes, to totally absorb the viewpoint of each character--again, if you have the courage to do so.