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Adult Written byMovieMan101 April 9, 2008
age 13+


MY BOSS'S DAUGHTER is one of those movies you want to see but don't end up seeing. Well I saw it. And let me tell you, as a guy I found some parts really funny and some parts racist and crass. And this movie is very teen related mostly 15-18 age wise I would think. I have to say though this is much funnier than JUST MARRIED. Sex-7: Sexually related dialogue is present as well as nudity including all the way from wet tshirts to real nudity. Several sexual situations are there too. Violence-5: This department is definitely played for laughs with things that are comical like running into walls, mindless animal violence etc. Language-6: The same kind of language as in a PG-13, mildly strong. Drug Use-9: One chracter sells drugs, pills etc. Scariness-0 Racism-9 1/2: Tons of homophobic, rude crass racist remarks that could be called jokes. My Rating: R for strong crude sexual content and humor, and for language and drugs