Parent reviews for My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising

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Imaginative but violent anime adventure has some swearing.
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age 9+
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age 11+
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Adult Written bybasketballpro June 22, 2020

My kid loves it!

I'm part of a very laid-back, no-cuss family. Although this does have a bit of cussing, it's fine for kids and teens alike. Some cartoony violence, but it's nothing to worry about. My 10 year old girl and 11 year old boy watch the show all the time, and I fully approve.

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Adult Written bybubblegumbby October 28, 2020

enjoyed it more than kids!!

i love all things anime, as thus my wife and such our kids because of our influence. LOLS!! the seven of us anime fans decided to gather together and watch a new movie of a favorite series in our house. My youngest, Jason (9) fell asleep half way through and finished the rest the next day. I don't think he really understood a ot but he insisted on wearing his deku hoodie the next few days anyways. Rebecca and Charlie, the twins (13) both adore the franchise and both cried at the end (as did i!!!). Definitely a lovely experience for us. Even my eldest, Jessica, (16) and wife Aubrey (she'd kill me if i put her age LOLZ) were enthralled the whole way through, despite both always saying my hero wasn't on their favorites. Overall, a very good movie that any fans of the series like us will thoroughly enjoy with extremely great role models in characters like Deku, however it could be confusing and a bit much for younger children and wouldn't make sense for new fans. WOOHOO ANIME RULEZ ha ha

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written byAshley R. September 18, 2020
this is my 2nd favorite anime after sailor moon its really amazing if you havent give this and sailor moon a shot but ill respect your opinion if its different from mine
Adult Written bythe real deal 6... November 17, 2020

it appropriate for kids and a great show

its g rated thers barley anything

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Adult Written bykenzieshadow October 16, 2020

Its AWSOME!!!!!

ATTENTION--ATTENTION this anime is awsome especially season 4 it was the best and the movie I loved it
Adult Written bydaisy1077 May 4, 2020

pretty good pegi 13 TV show and movie

this is a review for the show and movie

so basically the plot is in this universe there's a thing called quirks quirks are like superpowers
in this universe 80% of the population have quirks
the rest are quirkless
the main protagonist izuku midoriya is one of these people that are quirkless but he really wants to go to U.A high academy a high school for superheroes
one day he meets all might the number one hero who says that he can pass his quirk to midoriya
midoriya goes to U.A academy and thats the main plot overall quite a good show thats fine for 11+ maybe 10+

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Adult Written byGOODREAD PARENT March 1, 2020


Very interesting movie

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