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Parent Written byaimless1 February 8, 2013
age 7+

Not sending the right message and scary in my opinion

I have heard how great the MLP Friendship is Magic shows are so we have borrowed a few from the library. The first two episodes on this dvd, which were the wedding episodes, were not good for my 4 year old. The "changelings" in the episodes (bad ponies trying to take over the kingdom) were very scary looking. The main bad pony had holes in her body and horn that made her look like something that was once dead. I have actually been very surprised in the episodes I have watched that the bad characters have been the stuff of nightmares. My 4 year old didn't seem to mind but she won't be watching them again. I have also noticed that too many of the episodes have been about finding romantic love also. I would like my children to grow up thinking about making themselves happy rather than looking for Mr. Right. These are disappointingly unappropriate in that respect. I do have to say that a few of the episodes have been about friendship and have had some very good humorous parts that we still laugh about. Too bad they are all not like that. I am not sure the right message comes through in all the episodes.
Parent Written byJodie701 February 23, 2013
age 8+

May cause nightmares

I'm glad I watched this before letting my 6 year old watch it. It's a shame that a cute character movie is totally spoiled by the evil looking scary changelings. Honestly the scary factor is over done. The changelings remind me of the creepy dementors from Harry Potter!
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Too much violence
Adult Written bydogman15 September 28, 2012
age 4+

Excellent writing and music

These two episodes, "A Canterlot Wedding", truly were the best way to finish off Season 2 of MLPFiM. Written by Meghan McCarthy and storyboarded by four artists, the story has a few very minor hiccups but is otherwise very solid. If I had to say only one strength of this finale, though, it would be the music. Not just William Anderson's score, but Daniel Ingram's songs, too. If "This Day Aria" (orchestrated by Steffan Andrews) doesn't win an Emmy next year, something's not right.
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