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Girly, cutesy, winter-themed tale of friendship.
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Kid, 12 years old August 24, 2014

Twinkle Wish Adventure review

This is a really good movie, in fact I watched it the day it arrived in the mail and then the day after that!
Forget the troll above me—this movie is great, although most modern kids may be unfamiliar with the animation style. This movie is geared to a bit more older kids, as some of the phrases may be confusing (e.g. "I'm trying to watch my figure"). Also, Scootaloo will come off as selfish, self-centered, impatient, and brash. All in all, this movie promotes very positive messages: Friendship, don't steal, and don't lie.

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Kid, 10 years old August 8, 2012

G3.5 (FAIL)

Every brony knows that G3.5 was the very definition of pain.

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Teen, 13 years old Written byBrony4Life24 June 16, 2020


G3.5 was a pain to sit through. So cutesy and girly -_- G4 is actually mature, unlike THIS disaster. Even when I was younger I disliked this movie. Don't even bother.

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Kid, 12 years old April 17, 2020


If you're in the brony fandom, you know that G3.5 was absolutely PAINFUL. Yeah, don't bother with this one. Watch G4. PLEASE watch G4.
Teen, 15 years old Written bypawpatrolfanatic September 12, 2019

love this movie.

i love my little pony and this movie is so cute.

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Teen, 14 years old Written bySuika999 March 10, 2018

A great movie!

Entertaining for all, even me who's 14. Extremely girly, every character has pink in their colour scheme, and all but Pinkie have purple as well. But it's cute and it has a great storyline.
Also, the reason no ponies have brown eyes is until G4 no pony (except a few like Snuzzles) had brown, grey, or black in their colours! So it wasn't done to say blue eyes are better than brown, they were just sticking to the colour rules.
The characters' personalities are all different to the other, and I will explain them as follows.
Toola Roola: One of my favourites, but with a really annoying voice. She's pale pink with a "rainbow-ish" mane and tail. She's the painter, and she has a quirk of blowing her hair away from her face. She's also afraid of the dark, but no pony teases her for it. They encourage her to be brave, though, and say it was good she told them.
Pinkie Pie: She's pink all over. She loves throwing parties yet is still quite mature. Her giggle is absolutely adorable, as well.
Rainbow Dash: The fashionista diva. I really don't like her personality in this, I prefer her in normal G3 where her catchphrase was "darling".
Cheerilee: She's made of many shades of pink and purple. She's mature like Pinkie Pie, and she enjoys reading stories. Especially to the others. She is very responsible and takes her jobs very seriously.
Starsong: She likes singing and dancing, although her personality all together is a little obscure, even for me, who's watched every My Little Pony episode, short, webisode, and movie from all generations. She seems a tiny bit shy, and is sadly treated like a background character a lot.
Scootaloo: Cheerilee's younger sister. Orange with a purple and pink ponytail (yes, pun intended). She's the more tomboy-character of the group. Being a young child, she can get a bit stubborn or selfish sometimes, but she comes to realize her mistakes.
Sweetie Belle: A white, purple, and pink unicorn. The youngest of the group. She's adorable, sweet, and likes cooking. She quite often plays with Scootaloo, which helps Scootaloo to understand her mistakes better.

As for the songs, Pinkie sounds a little flat in one song, and in another their voices all seem to high. But the overall songs are beautiful!

There is a plethra of characters to make you wanna buy, but considering the core 7 are the only ones' names mentioned for the most part in this movie, it's not quite as bad as average G3.

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