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I’m one of the only people who enjoyed this movie

This is definitely NOT a kids film, but old enough teens and adults might love this. In my opinion, this film is pretty funny if you like Beavis and Butthead, Family Guy, and Ralph Bakshi films. From an artistic point of view, this is really nice looking (no I’m not talking about the big boobed characters, perverts). The art style is very pleasing to look at, and this film was animated in Toon boom. Overall, if youre over the age of 14, and you like funny movies, give this a chance.

This title has:

Great messages
Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
age 18+

Weak given the talent involved. Extreme nudity and violence

It never really gels together. Its watchable and not HORRIBLY written. Patton and Rudd are decent enough and the animation is creative while deliberately demented and grotesque. Yet in the end it felt like a waste of time. Its just barely connected, sometimes funny, sitcom vignettes that dont add up in any satisfying or clever way or say anything different. Even in the end where the tone gets darker and potential stakes arise the movie finds every way to dilute it and every sense of consequence or tension is gone. The satire is surface level and the characters arent all that likable. Thier "professions" of being an actor and screen writer NEVER come into play outside the first 10 minutes. Insane amounts of comedic nudity especially in the first half the most notable being from VERY graphic porno dvd covers and a lightning fast scroll through (poorly drawn) internet porn. Breasts (uncountable), mens buttholes, vaginas (several times each), and memorable images of a person (gender unspecified) with 3 huge erect penises and a nude woman with inhuman sized male genitals. Several sex acts/ insinuations shown including one with Teddy bears doing doggie and a nude man lubing for a sex doll. Violence includes imaginary images of stabbings and shootings, with blood and heads exploding. Also a montage of quick clips of animated recreations of extreme gore from movie scenes. Surprisingly sparse strong profanity for a movie like this. Only about 20 f words and nothing worse. No memorable drug use.

This title has:

Too much sex
age 18+

Terrible Ending WTF

The movie was decent but considering all of the talent involved, it should have been way, way better especially considering that most of the cast are LSD enthusiasts. The movie simply ends out of nowhere without a conclusion. VERY annoying. they either took too much acid or haven't taken it in years and forgot that's how they were able to get famous in the first place.