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Misogyny much?

Fugettaboutit! Adults Only. Kids don’t need to be fed more misogynistic nonsense about a martini drinking super man. Bond movies are for big boys, over 25 at least, who wish they were the martini swilling, bad-guy killing, multi-woman-bedding, karate chopping, super spy with the coolest toys. And who understand that they never will be.

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
age 10+
age 11+

Response to original review

This is not as much of a review as is it a response to the original post made by Sierra Filluci. It is completely ridiculous to say that the movie is full of women in powerless roles. One of the major antagonists is a female assassin who brainwashes and kills a U.S. Air Force officer. She also helps steal two nuclear weapons from the U.S. So Sierra's claim is baseless and is fueled by an inaccurate view of the bond movies. It is clear that she is an uber-feminist. Ironic how this is a site that's supposed to give families an idea on movies and she's trying to push a political agenda.
age 15+


Good movie has some Violence, Sexuality and brief strong Violence.