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Adult Written byThe JP Show June 17, 2009

Don't take your kids

PG? More like PG-13
Parent of a 12 year old Written byCaleb_Mitchell May 28, 2009

Good movie; don't take the kids.

NiT was a very cute movie that was funny & enjoyable, if simple, but it had some issues. For starters, I think this definitely should have been a PG-13 movie. Between more recent PG films like this & Bride Wars, I really think the movie ratings association has lowered their standards for todays PG movies. They're becoming more & more filled with inappropriate material that should merit them an PG-13 rating. For instance: this movie included references to a woman wearing a thong. Also for like a good 10 minutes Renee Z.'s nipples are visible through her shirt (it is implied that she is cold). While scenes like this one were highly amusing, I also think they're a bit too crude for a PG film. There was also a pretty heavy make-out scene, though it was interrupted, & there was a comment about how a girl can't tell whether a man with a lazy eye is looking at her or her breasts. There was also a lot of alcohol content, which I don't think sends good messages to younger kids. In one scene, Renee Z.'s character gets trapped in her car in a snowdrift & to stay warm she downs nearly a whole bottle of wine & is insanely drunk by the time she is rescued. There were also many other various scenes of people with liquor, as well as several bar scenes (Renee's character also becomes the butt of a drinking game joke). However, I think the main thing that concerned me about NiT was the language. I was appalled with the language. A**, a-hole, & dumb a** were used several times, as were h*ll & d*mn. Sh*t was also used a couple of times, which was the main thing I was shocked about. B*tch was used several times & mother F was used once though it was cut off; Renee screams "MOTHERF--!!" then the door she just walked out of slams cutting the rest of it off. In one scene a man starts to say what sounds like godd*mn but changes it to goddang. Overall, it was a very good movie with a lot of heart & laughs, I just wouldn't take the kiddos to go see it.
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